Deciding Where to Stay for the Holidays

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Finding a place to stay when you’re travelling can be a bit tricky. Going on vacation is something we all love to do, but when the time comes to book the hotel or find a suitable hostel, you can be stuck for choice. While you are travelling for work you might have your hotel paid for, but when it’s your wallet on the line you might be looking at other options. Let’s take a look through what people tend to consider are the best accommodation types, and which one would be best for you.

If You Want Some Independence

If you’re wanting to explore the idea of being an independent traveller, then you’re going to want to book yourself into a hostel. These places aren’t usually good for the long term, but you’re not someone who’s looking to stay for anymore than a day or two in your current area – you can move on very easily when all you had was a bunk bed in a dorm, and it won’t be very pricey either. Hostels are incredibly popular in large cities, and are a great budget option if you are spending most of your day in the city.

You can find hostels all over the globe, no matter what city you go to or where you find yourself once you get there. After all, exploring new places and meeting friendly fellow tourists and welcoming locals is usually quoted as being the highlight of living a hostel life! You won’t have your own bath and shower to rely on, but using a communal toilet and shower room can help you be in and out in five minutes, and not waste any time lazing about in soaps and shower creams a hotel seemingly gave you for ‘free’. Don’t worry, you can always get a room to your own as well, if you fancy having a bit more privacy at a discounted price.

If You’re Looking for Privacy

Speaking of privacy, there’s plenty of accommodation ideas available for you if you’re someone with a strong need of keeping to yourself. First of all, consider using your road warrior points at a hotel you book yourself into, with a room that has its own kettle and complimentary teabags and coffee sachets. You’ll even have your own bathroom, and you can call on room service if you get hungry. But hotel rooms can often cost you more than they’re worth, and you never know where a maid will snoop when they come to change your bed sheets and tidy up.

You may want to consider looking at options a little bit more private and exclusive. Invest in something like Carolina home rentals and even take your pet along with you when you are travelling – many other accommodations won’t allow that! You can reserve now for any time of the year, so you can immediately put your mind at rest over this worry, and all of the upkeep of the home will be down to you until you leave. This is also a great option if you are bringing young children or older family members along with you on your trip.

If You’ve Got a Friend Nearby (or a lacking budget…)

If someone has listed themselves on a service like Airbnb, or they’re offering a spare room on similar websites, be sure to look into these options before you book anything else. After all, we don’t all have hotel budgets on our hands, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get to travel!  

If you are heading to a town or city where you know somewhere well, consider asking them if you can stay on their sofa or in their spare room for a couple of nights. You can also ask your friend to tell you about the best sites to see while you’re there, and can even come back to some home cooked food in the evening. 

Finding a place to stay on vacation takes a bit of research, but there are many more flexible options available today. Do your research before your trip, and don’t assume that a hotel is your only choice while travelling. 

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