Essential Travel Items for your Work Bag

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Whether you’re an experienced traveler who has pretty much traveled the whole world, or whether you’ve never left your hometown and are getting ready to embark on your first solo travel adventure, you’ll know that the prospect of venturing out into the unknown and visiting a new country is scary and exciting all at once.

Here is a list of some essential items that every business traveler should have in their bag. This way, you can focus on actually enjoying your trip and focus on delivering the best value to your client.

Travel Insurance

Too many people think that travel insurance is an added expense that they won’t ever see the benefit of, but would you want to risk being without travel insurance? Using travel insurance would typically mean you’ve fallen ill or had an accident, and those things aren’t usually at the top of any traveler’s list of things to do when traveling. However, you never know what can happen, and not having travel insurance in one of those moments is going to far outweigh the small cost. Your company will likely provide travel insurance for you, but check before you go on your work trip.

Power Bank

Running out of battery on your phone is never a nice feeling, but if you’re traveling alone, then it can actually be pretty bad. Always make sure you’re able to charge your phone if needed, by carrying a power bank with you when you travel for work. You may suddenly realize that you got to a destination and need to call an Uber, but can’t without your phone charged

Emergency Credit or Debit Card

While traveling for work, you do not want to be stranded without access to funds. While most of your work bills will be expensed, even if you travel with a company card, you will want to have an emergency credit or debit card in your pocket for emergencies. Your usual credit card may suddenly not work, and it always helps to have a back-up. The best way to do this is by having a credit card, or even a prepaid debit card: https://budgetboost.co/best-prepaid-debit-cards/.

Pen and Paper

You may find yourself with a need to take notes while your laptop is put away. The last thing you want to do at a client is to be caught without at least one pen and spare paper in your work bag. Slide a small notebook into your work bag to keep handy, as you never know when you will have to jot down a few quick notes. Plus, you always need to have a pen handy while on the road.

Backup of Documents

It is important for you to keep a backup of any important documents while you are traveling. If a passport or driver’s license is stolen or lost, it is easier to arrange emergency travel if you have digital copies of the original. Back these up to the cloud so that you can access them at any time.

Tripod for the Weekend

If you are staying in a location for the weekend, you might want to do some exploring on your own. Do you ever look at those photos of solo travelers on Instagram or on their blogs and wonder how on earth they’re able to capture those amazing photos of themselves surrounded by stunning backdrops when they’re traveling solo?

The answer to that is, that they’re generally using a selfie stick and/or a tripod with a remote so that they don’t physically need to be holding their phone or camera. You can find tripods and selfie sticks online in various price ranges, so if you plan on documenting your travels in photos, then these are a definite must-have.

Preparing for work travel can be stressful, but once you have these essential items packed in your work bag, you will not have to worry.

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