Hawaii After Five

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Hawaii really is a dream destination. It’s one of those once in a lifetime locations that people head to in order to mark a special occasion or take a particularly enjoyable and luxurious trip. In fact, Hawaii draws in around eight million visitors every single year, despite being a relatively small island. Sixty percent of visitors head over from mainland America, but this really is a hotspot that draws tourists from all over the world. So, chances are that it’s on your bucket list. But why bring your dreams of visiting Hawaii to life? Here are just a few perks that come hand in hand with visiting the island, along with a few different things that you could do with your time here!

Perk #1: The Weather

One of the main things that people look forward to when heading to Hawaii tends to be the weather. People tend to head overseas in a bid to find warmer climates than their home is offering. There’s a good chance that Hawaii can offer better than what your hometown can! While the island does go through a dry season (known as summer) and a wet season (referred to as winter), it maintains a relatively steady and stable sunny disposition year-round.

Perk #2: The Beaches

Onto the next lure: Hawaii’s stunning beaches. When you think of the perfect beach, you probably conjure up images of white sand beaches, lined with palm trees, and being lapped at by sparkling blue waters. Hawaii can provide this! The island has over 750 miles of shoreline, which are home to over 400 named beaches. All beaches are public, so you needn’t worry about having to check in to a particular hotel or resort to be able to access whichever beach you like.

Perk #3: The Volcanoes

This is a bit of a different attraction, as there aren’t many places in the world where you can see volcanoes. Each Hawaiian island was actually formed by a hotspot on the floor of the ocean and there are plenty of activities that incorporate hiking volcanoes or flying into craters as part of helicopter trips.

Things to Do

So, we’ve taken note of a few of the general aspects of Hawaii that attract so many visitors year after year, but let’s also take a moment to look at some more specific things to do should you head to this beautiful state.

Celebrate Local Holidays // As Kai Kanani can show you, there are plenty of holidays and local celebrations that you can engage with during your stay in Hawaii, depending on when you happen to be visiting. From Prince Kuhio Day to Lei Day, it’s always good to familiarise yourself with local culture and enjoy the festivities while you are on the island.

Maui Whale Watching // Hawaii’s waters are home to various different forms of sea life. But if you’re interested in seeing some real giants, book into a Maui Whale Watching trip!

As you can see, Hawaii really does hold a whole host of things to see, try out, and experience. So, don’t hesitate when it comes to adding this breathtaking destination to your list of places to visit!

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