How To Keep Your Commute From Killing You (Literally)

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Your commute to work is more than frustrating – it’s a potential killer. There is an average of six million car accidents per year in the USA. Of that number, an estimated 16 million suffer from road rage. And, that’s without factoring in the silent motorists who stay quiet and keep their feelings locked inside.

Whether mental or physical, there’s no doubt that a long commute can be unhealthy. After all, the office isn’t only a hop, skip and a jump down the street, and the longer it takes the worse the side-effects. Here’s how to make your commute healthier on your mind and body.

Always Be Prepared

The Boys Scouts probably didn’t have your commute in mind when they came up with the motto but it’s transferable. A study found that people who catch the train into the workplace on a regular basis are worriers. As a result, they have to deal with acute stress and tension, boosting cortisol levels and harming their health. With the right accessories, it’s easy to pass the time and not think about the negatives. Music or a book or a podcast will let you slip off into your own world and blow off steam. And, all of them are available on one device – your cell phone.

Get Ready At Home

The number of people who multitask and drive at the same time is high. It’s not that the figure is surprising due to the business of the modern adult; that’s straightforward. No, it’s more that drivers don’t seem to understand the consequences of not focusing while behind the wheel. A car accident isn’t rare for those who become distracted. In Nebraska, one state, there are over 4,000 incidents for this one reason. Whether you’re running late or not, don’t try and get ready in the car to work. Wake up earlier and take your time

Phone It In

When you suffer from a high BMI, increased levels of stress and the likelihood of heart disease, the commute has to stop. You might think this is impossible, yet it isn’t thanks to modern technology. Remote working opportunities let employees complete their tasks via an internet connection. Without the need to travel to the office, there is no reason to suffer from the above. Point this out to your manager, as well as the positive effects for the company.

Shine Bright

In the summer, what you wear isn’t an issue as it’s sunny and motorists can see you quite clearly. The winter is a different animal as it’s usually dark and hard to see cyclists. For people on bikes, this is a problem. 20% of fatalities happen between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm. To ensure you stand out, it’s imperative that you wear the right clothing. A high visibility jacket is a must because it reflects in the headlights of cars. Never leave for your commute without the necessary equipment.

Always stay vigilant and do your bit to understand the risks. That way, you can avoid them more effectively.

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