Ideas for a Physically Active Vacation

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Everybody loves a holiday, but how can you stay active while on vacation? If you are taking a break from work, consider a vacation that is based around physical activities.  

 A physically active holiday brings many benefits, and not only because you can enjoy those foods and drinks without the guilt. This is the perfect way to meet new people, try new experiences, and see the world in a unique way that offers bags of insight. It may even unlock a new lifelong hobby.  

Here are some of the best options to make it happen. 

Water Sports In The Sun

Beach holidays are a firm favourite with holidaymakers, but just lounging on the sand with a book can get a little boring after a few days. Why not combine catching a tan with enjoying an adventure that’s sure to provide an unforgettable experience?  

While volleyball and beach sports are fun, water sports are where the real fun starts. Surfing, water skiing, and wakeboarding are all great options. Or you could go under the surface with scuba diving in Barbados or a tropical land. It’s like entering a whole new world.  

The fun levels are far greater than the latest Dan Brown novel too.  

Hiking Through Iconic Trails

International travel allows you to explore new lands and gain a greater understanding of the natural world. As well as human achievement. However, the standard excursions from the hotel only provide limited insight. Building the holiday around the trek is far more rewarding.  

The planet is blessed with many iconic treks. Whether it’s the Inca trail to Machu Picchu or climbing one of the world’s largest mountains is up to you. Either way, there’s no question that working for your rewards will make them all the more sweeter.  

Completing A Race Or Challenge

If you actively enjoy keeping fit, completing sporting challenges will carry a huge appeal. Combining this with your holiday plans is a great way to enhance both experiences as you’ll see the world while achieving new fitness goals.  

Nothing beats the atmosphere that a race day brings to a city. The Mallorca 312 race is a particularly stunning option for cyclists wanting to fuse the adrenaline with holiday joys. Alternatively, some runners enjoy taking on the world’s Olympic marathons.  

One way or another, those sporting challenges are a great way to see the world and stay fit.  


Skiing is an incredible holiday adventure that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. It merges the excitement of the sport with the fresh air, sun, and comforts of cosy accommodation. Perfect.  

While there are many options out there, skiing the Alps is one of the most popular options. Given that the mountains spread across several countries, the flexible possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this holiday type will provide bags of fun.  

Best of all, you’ll have worked up an appetite for a nice meal and a hot chocolate.

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