Packing for Winter Work Trips

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Packing for a trip during the summer is easy enough; you pop a few dresses and your toiletries into that suitcase, and off you go. Preparing for a winter work trip, on the other hand, is an entirely different story – there are so many more clothes to take into consideration and layers required, it can definitely be more challenging to pack for.

There are, in fact, a few tricks to getting it right when you’re preparing for cold weather. Here is a handful of tips when you need to pack for a trip in the snow so that you can stay both warm and dry without over packing. It will definitely be a fine balancing act but, as long as your bag is still light, it will be worth it.

Dress in layers

The problem with getting dressed for work in the cold weather is that you will need to dress in layers. While this takes up a lot of space in the suitcase, it’s still important enough as you run the risk of either getting too cold before you have the chance to get to work or way too warm once you get started.

The best way to solve this is to pack just a few thin wool sweaters which you can wear underneath a warmer sweater. Now you’re dressed in three layers on your upper body; the thin wool sweater, a thicker one, as well as your jacket. Have a look at these obermeyer women’s sweaters and you’ll at least have a part of your wardrobe sorted out. Invest in a winter jacket that will look good over your suit, in addition to being functional with your casual outfits.

Accessorize for winter travel

Put some gloves on those hands, a beanie on that head and your upper body should be good to go. Even if you will not be wearing your gloves or beanie with your suit, slip these items into your laptop bag for later. You will be grateful you packed these on your way back to your hotel. You may want to consider investing in earmuffs as well, that will fold easily into yoru bag.

Treat your legs the same way and dress in three layers plus a pair of thick socks. The socks are particularly important so remember to buy some good quality ones so that you won’t freeze your toes off before you’re back. Depending on if there is snow, you may want to find a work bag that will fit your work shoes, and you can wear boots during your commute in.

You might want to add a scarf to your suitcase as well as you can pull it up to cover at least the bottom half of your face. It keeps you warm and protects you from drying out at the same time.

Pack skincare products

In terms of clothing, it’s quite clear that you need thermal underwear and several sweaters in order to stay warm – but the cold is going to be tough on your skin as well. That’s why you need to pack your regular skincare products as long as they’re hydrating enough; have a look at this article for a great overview of the best ones this year.

Chapstick is another excellent item to slip into your work bag. Ice cold air outside and electric heating indoors will definitely make them both dry and chopped, so take good care of your lips while you’re out there.

Now you should have everything you need to enjoy a great week at work. While it may be difficult to fit all of your layers into a suitcase, consider investing in packing cubes to help compress all of your items. It may be difficult to fit everything into a carry-on, but with enough creativity your trip should go smoothly.

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