Planning Your Carpool to the Client

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Occasionally, you may need to drive in a carpool with your coworkers to a client site. You will need to make sure, however, that you are staying safe and know where you are going. With today’s technology, it is harder to get lost than ever before, but it is not impossible. In case you are planning on sitting in front of the wheel for hours, you will also need to make your interior as comfortable and safe as possible.

Make Your Car Comfortable

The first thing you have to think about is to protect your joints and lower back. Adjust the seats and the height of the mirrors and steering wheel according to your driving position. Your car might not cause you any trouble short term, but if you are sitting behind the wheel all day, you might experience stiff neck or lower back pain that will make it harder to continue your trip. You can get some custom seat covers from CalTrend to make your trip more enjoyable.

Study Routes

Before you start off on a journey, it is best to visualize your route. Pay attention to the speed limits and the accident hot spots. There are several great route planning apps that allow you to find out which days and what time of day the roads are busy or quiet. Especially if you have to pick up coworkers along the way, you will want to adjust and plan your route ahead of time.

Plan your Stops

Planning your route for your road trip should involve finding  the perfect stops and planning where you will grab lunch or stretch your legs. It is recommended that you stop for at least 15 minutes every couple of hours, so you don’t have to deal with the signs of exhaustion, such as tiredness and lack of concentration, which can be dangerous on the roads. Take into consideration the needs of your fellow travelers, too. If you are carpooling to a client that is far away, make sure everyone is prepared for the long drive.


To feel safer and more comfortable on your road trip, you might want to add some cool accessories. From a phone holder to a portable fridge, there are some car accessories that make your road trip more enjoyable and make everyone feel at home in the passenger cabin.

Safety First

When hitting unknown roads, it might be a good idea to invest in your car’s safety features. Get a dash cam and a backup camera, and invest in some driver safety features, such as a lane departure warning, automatic speed limit detection, and autonomous braking, so you can ensure you are not missing a car pulling out or trying to overtake you from the wrong side. Getting a speeding ticket abroad can also be expensive and stressful.

There are plenty of things that can improve your road trip experience, and you don’t even need a brand new car to feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel. Come prepared, and your trip to the client site will go much smoother.


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