Squeezing Budget Travel Weekends Between Business Travel Weeks

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Traveling is something many people love to do, yet so many people believe that it’s something that requires a lot of money – and the good news is, this isn’t true. Especially if you are traveling to a new city for work, you may want to find ways to maximize that time and extend your trip over the weekends. Of course, it always depends on the kind of traveler you are and if you like to stay in luxury hotels and eat in fancy restaurants, then it’s certainly going to cost a bit more. If you are looking to extend your weekend at a minimal cost, then a budget trip may be your ebst bet.

Travel light

Traveling with carry-on luggage if you’re on a budget will save you money, since a lot of airlines now charge per piece of hold luggage, and as always they’re extremely strict when you’re even the smallest amount over the weight limit. If you want to save money and stress, then traveling light is the way to go, since hand luggage is free. You may also not have room in your suitcase to squeeze too many casual clothes in with your work clothes, so be cautious so you do not have to check an additional bag.

Join rewards programs

You may think rewards programs are only for road warriors who fly business and first class, but this is not true at all. In fact, if you’re a frequent flyer or any class, you should be signing up for the rewards programs of that airline since those things mount up and you’ll get a lot of perks over time. The same goes for hotels, and since a lot of hotels and airlines partner up with these programs, you’ll get to enjoy even more benefits like free stays and upgrades.

Check in at the airport

Nowadays everyone wants to check in online, and with good reason – it’s much faster, you don’t have to get to the airport as early and you don’t risk standing in a massive line. However, many airlines may use a sneaky tactic of showing a full aircraft with only premium seats available that have to be paid for. Instead, try checking in once you get to the airport. You have a good chance of being assigned one of these premium seats for free, and they usually come with extra leg room.

Don’t always stay in hotels

Hotels can often be the most expensive part of any trip, so explore other options. Try a hostel if you’re traveling solo, or even a rental unit if you’re traveling with a group such as your family. Look at companies like Drew Fasy for assistance in finding rentals.

Avoid tourist traps

It’s always great to see the sights when traveling, but when it comes to things like eating out and just the general cultural experience, you’ll want to be cautious of tourist traps. Places may hike up their prices on weekends, so look for local recommendations as an alternative.

There are many ways to make the most out of your road warrior weekend, even if you are traveling on a budget with your own money. Extending a stay in a city that you flew to for work is a great way to save money, since you did not have to pay for the flight!

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