Tips to avoid looking like a New York tourist

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So, you’ve never been to New York and you want to have the best time – well, the first thing you need to do is make sure nobody knows that you’re a tourist. It’s not really anybody knowing that you’re a tourist that’s the issue; you just really don’t want to act like a tourist.  New Yorker’s are famously impatient, and if you stand in their way for a millisecond too long, you’re going to know about it.

Here, we’ll go more into detail on how you can avoid looking like a tourist in New York and have an absolutely incredible time.

Don’t Hang Around On The Sidewalk

Whatever you do in New York, there’s little time to hang around, especially not on the sidewalk when people are trying to get to their destination. You should know where you’re going and stay out of the way. Alternatively, walk with purpose even if you’re not sure where you’re going!  Move right out of the way if you need to check directions – don’t ever stop and assume people will walk around you. You’ll probably get some dirty looks and loud tuts at the least.

Make sure you have a rough idea of what you want to do beforehand by researching the best things to do in New York. You’ll be able to make the most of your time and you’ll keep hanging around to a minimum.

Don’t Eat At A Chain Restaurant

Ask anybody who knows anything about New York and you’ll realize that they don’t eat at chain restaurants and they don’t eat in Times Square. It’s usually crowded and overpriced in Times Square, although you will probably want to visit just to say you’ve been. Little Italy is an overpriced tourist trap, too, but you have places like Arthur Avenue that are full of locally owned restaurants and a great area of the Bronx. There are so many delicious and affordable restaurants that there’s no way you should be eating at a chain, unless you fancy some donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts!

Don’t Show Off Your Excitement On Your Clothing

Try not to wear your newly purchased ‘I love NY clothing’ until you get home from your trip. Wearing these items immediately tells people that you are a tourist.

Wear The Most Comfortable Shoes You Can Find

You’re probably going to be walking an awful lot, even if you plan on taking cabs and public transport. It’s always wise to be prepared with the most comfortable shoes you can find. New Yorkers will typically wear comfortable shoes during their commute, and then change into business professional shoes once they arrive at work. Feel free to wear shoes appropriate for walking around or for the weather. 

Don’t Fall For New York Scammers

Make sure you stay mindful of the New York scammers. These are people who insist on helping you and just appear friendly, then ask for a tip for their services. If you look lost, chances are someone will come to your ‘rescue’ and then push you into giving them cash!

Most of all, just have fun on your trip to the Big Apple!

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