Travel Maps

Travel maps are so much fun to make in Tableau. In fact, I have created a guide on how to do it for free here on this blog! Check out:

  1. Travel Maps for Beginners
  2. Formatting Your Travel Map
  3. Creating Your Map Graphic

Want a Tableau map of all of your trips this year, but don’t want to learn how to use Tableau yourself? Let me map your 2018 trips for you!+

For $25, I will take your trip data and create a 2018 calendar and map off of it. You will provide the data with your favorite colors, and your final visualization will be emailed to you. After your visualization is received, you will also receive one round of free edits to fix any inconsistencies that you notice, or tweak the graphic design.

When ordering your Travel Map visualization, you have the option of having your travel map published on our Travel After Five Tableau Public account. This means that you can see your map as an interactive version, and share it with friends and family. You (and anyone online) will also have the option to download the map yourself, meaning that you can make any changes to your map for free with a Tableau Public account. If you choose not to have your travel map published online, then you will only receive the square and landscape graphic as .png images.

If you are interested, you will first need to give me the dates and locations for your 2018 calendar and map. You can view the template here:

Download the Tableau Travel Map Data Template: Google Sheets | Microsoft Excel

You will not be able to edit the data in Google Sheets. You can download the data from Google Sheets or make a copy within your Google Drive.

When you are ready with your data to order your map, follow the button here to place an order. Once your order is placed, you will receive a follow-up email requesting your compiled travel data.


For custom inquiries, please email me at Let me visualize your data!