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Tutilo Veritas Square Tote Review

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While shopping for a better laptop bag, I came across the Tutilo Veritas Square Tote in gray. I was using the free firm bag, and was looking for something more professional that would carry my everything I needed while traveling.

tutilo tote

When I was looking for a new laptop bag to carry while traveling, I had some criteria. The bag should have a laptop divider for easy access. I love pockets, and wanted as many as possible. Bucket bags without any interior pockets at all drive me insane! Because I carry a variety of items for travel, I wanted a bag that would help me stay organize.  Since I would be putting my bag underneath the seat on a plane, I also required my new laptop bag to have a zipper. You don’t want everything falling out!

Veritas Square Tote Features

This tote has two sections – one zippered section and one button section. The zippered section has a padded laptop pocket, and a smaller pocket that a tablet or notepad could slip into with a button closing both pockets. There is also a tiny pocket for business cards.

The button section in the front has one zipper pocket, two pen pockets, and two open pockets with one having a button close. This section is a bit smaller than the zippered section, so I wouldn’t recommend slipping more than a thin notepad in here. I would recommend putting bigger items like chargers into the zippered enclosure. There is also a zippered pocket on the back of the bag. This is where I put my passport and wallet when I travel.

What’s in my bag?

So, what fits in the Tutilo Veritas Square Tote? This is the stuff I usually travel with, including my 14 inch work laptop, my Kindle Fire, a thousand chargers, pens and paper, key cards to get into various buildings, a bag of mints for on the plane, a purse that holds my wallet and lipstick.


And check it out, all this stuff fits!

Unfortunately, the first night that I was packing my new bag, I tried to zip it up and the zipper separated! I was super bummed, so I sent an email to Tutilo Customer Service to see if they could do anything. Well, Tutilo was excellent – they take great pride in the quality of their handbags, and offered to send me one free of charge!!

I highly recommend the Tutilo Veritas Square Tote for the daily work commute. It’s an incredibly cute and functional bag, and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately when I received a client laptop, I had to put this bag in the closet. The zipper will not close when I put in two laptops along with all of my other items. But, once I am back down to one laptop, I would consider using it again.

Michelle Maraj is a consultant who frequently gets the opportunity to travel for work. Michelle loves pretending she knows how to use a camera, seeing new cities, and visiting touristy attractions. Michelle currently runs www.travelafterfive.com.

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