I started Travel After Five because I wanted a resource for myself – as a traveling consultant, I would get the opportunity to visit a lot of really neat cities. However, during the day you are working, and you are home on the weekends leaving a very limited amount of time to actually see a town. What I started running into was the fact that so many tourist attractions would be closed after 5:00 pm when we got off work! I wanted to visit some interesting sites, but it was frustrating having to search the times on dozens of different websites. I wanted Travel After Five to highlight what you can do in town when you’re just visiting clients or in town for a conference, and have limited time in the evenings. So, this site was born!

– Michelle Maraj

So where did I go in 2017? Check out the Tableau visualization below. If you are interested in creating an interactive dashboard like this, check out the Data tab on this site.

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