Travel After Five continuously accepts guest blog posts from travel bloggers. There are thousands of cities that host business travelers – and locals always know the best places to go! If you’d like to contribute to Travel After Five, please express your interest by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Guidelines for Guest Blog Posts

Travel After Five is a travel blog targeted towards people who are traveling for work, in town for a conference or visiting a client, and who aren’t necessarily available to do tourist activities during the day. As you are writing your guest post, please keep in mind that all activities that you recommend are available to our readers after 5:00 pm on a weekday. 

Your post should include an introduction, a list of at least 5 activities with details, and a conclusion. Each item on the list will have its own header, and then a paragraph about what the attraction is. Talk about what you do there, or why the reader should go see it. If there are prices involved, include those. If the site closes at a certain time, include those times as well! 

Examples of an After Five post include:

Paid Guest Post Opportunities

In order to build up our resources for business travelers, there are currently 50 cities that we are currently willing to pay guest writers for. See the list of cities we are currently paying for. We are willing to pay $5 USD for a guest post on one of the cities on our list. Payment will be provided by Venmo or Paypal. At this time, we will not use any other method of payment. 

You can write as many paid guest posts as you’d like, but you can only claim one city at a time. Once you have delivered your guest post, you can request an additional city to write on. 

Requirements: Paid guest posts should be at least 1,200+ words, and discuss at least 7 activities in your city for after 5:00 pm. You must provide at least one horizontal photo, at least 1000 pixels in width. 

Paid guest posts can include up to one do-follow link to your blog, in addition to a link to your site at the end of the post. We will include your name, blog link, and social media at the end of your post. 

Unpaid Guest Post Opportunities

You are welcome to submit a post for any city that you have the expertise on. At this time, we are primarily seeking guest posts on more US major cities, but we are open to cities from anywhere in the world. We are also open to posts on regions or neighborhoods of a city – eg “Chicago River North After Five” or “New York Midtown After Five”. Even if we already have a blog post on your city, if you have enough alternative activities we may still take it.

Requirements: Unpaid guest posts should be at least 800+ words, and discuss at least 5 activities in your city for after 5:00 pm. No photos are required, but are always welcome. 

Unpaid guest posts can include up to three do-follow links to your blog, in addition to a link to your site at the end of the post. We will include your name, blog link, and social media at the end of your post. 

I’m Interested in Being a Guest Writer!

If you are interested in being a guest writer, please fill out the submission form below. We will check to make sure we do not currently have someone writing a post on that city. Once your chosen city is approved, we will then ask that you submit a word document with your post and attach any photos that you have. If you have any questions, please reach out to 


By submitting a blog post, you give Travel After Five the right to publish your work and edit for grammar and SEO as necessary. Any photos submitted must be your own, or be royalty free. Any photos submitted may be used in promotional graphics. If the city you are writing about is not on our list of cities we are currently paying for, then unfortunately we cannot offer payment for your guest post. 

You have one month from the time that your city is approved to submit your guest post. If you do not submit your guest post within the time frame, we have the right to give your city to someone else. 

Submission Form


Our travel blog is currently accepting guest blog posts. We are looking for guest posts on what you can do in a city after 5:00 pm. When you travel for work, you usually find that many tourist activities are closed in the evening. We want to know what sites are still open, and what there is to see and do in your town. If you are interested, contact