Make Your Business Trips Stress-free

road warrior : a person who travels frequently, especially on business

The Road Warrior Handbook will provide you everything you need for successful business trips. If you will be traveling for work, this is the ebook for you.

Traveling on business trips and traveling for fun can be pretty different. For your work trips you will have a different packing list, and when traveling with coworkers you are expected to be more organized. You’re dealing with expenses, your coworkers are talking about credit cards, and you just need to figure out what to wear. There’s a lot of logistics surrounding a business trip, and this handbook is designed to help you build your travel routine.

Who It’s For

  • You just accepted a job offer where you will be traveling frequently, and you want to know what to expect.
  • You have been traveling for work for a while, and you want to make your trips less stressful.
  • You are traveling to a conference, and you want to arrive prepared.
  • You want to get the most out of your business trip.

Whether you are a new traveling consultant looking for tips or a conference attendee traveling with a team for the first time, my goal is to make your business trips as stress-free as possible. The Road Warrior Handbook will walk you through what to expect on your business trip, steps to prepare for your work trip, and how to assemble your professional travel wardrobe.

What You’ll Get

Section 1: Expectations

What a travel routine on a business trip looks like.

  • What to expect when traveling with a team of coworkers
  • How to survive long flights that you’ll be taking
  • Staying physically and mentally healthy while on the road
  • Making the most of your business trip

Section 2: Preparation

Exact steps you need to take before you begin traveling for work.

  • How to get TSA Pre-Check (and is it worth it?)
  • Tips to look for when selecting your future work bag and suitcase
  • Introduction to maximizing points, with a list of programs and services to sign up for ASAP
  • Preparing your phone with the apps you should download for work and information you should save
  • Explanation of the mysterious lounge access that you keep hearing about

Section 3: Wardrobe

One week in a carry-on: your professional outfit may depend on your client.

  • Business professional – what to wear on a business trip for professional services
  • Business casual – how to pack for a business casual work trip
  • Conference casual – what to wear to a work conference
  • Fitting it all in your carry-on

If you want to be prepared for your business trip, the Road Warrior Handbook is a must read!

Bonus Time!

With the Road Warrior Handbook, you will also get a few bonuses!

Bonus 1: Expenses Checklist

Filling out your expense report after your business trip? Make sure you got all of your expenses covered with this work trip expenses checklist.

Bonus 2: Packing List

What should you pack for your business trip? From toiletries to clothing counts, this list will make sure you are covered.

Bonus 3: A Road Warrior Wish List

Looking for ways to treat yourself? Here are some great items that are pricey, but will improve your travel experience.

Why $16.00?

The Road Warrior Handbook is currently priced at $16.00 USD, which is the average price of an “inexpensive lunch” in San Francisco, where this book was written. (Yikes, right?) I figured that taking me out to lunch is a fair price for all of this information – after you read the book, I’d love to hear what you think!