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Houston After Five

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Located along the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is a very popular destination for businesses and tourists alike. There are many ways to stay entertained in this large city after work, with many unique sites to explore.

Discovery Green

This 12-acre public park is located at the heart of downtown Houston. Though it’s not the biggest park in town, it is the most popular one for friends, family and visitors to hang out at after five. If you take a look at its website, you will see there are events going on almost every night. I went to the park to do yoga and zumba dance before, and yes, you heard me right, I joined a group of people that I don’t even know and workout together in the middle of the park! When the night sets in, there are beautiful light shows shining among the trees. I highly recommend taking a scroll in Discovery Green, especially after a long day of work.

The Menil Collection

Houston is famous for its museums, but just like in all other cities, most of them close after 5pm. If you are lucky to visit Houston on Thursdays, the Museum of Fine Arts opens very late to 9pm. However, if you are in town on other days during the week, one artsy place, called The Menil Colletion, is a great place to visit. It opens from 11am-7pm, and is FREE for the public. If you are into arts, the Menil Collection has a variety of exhibitions, ranging from ancient to modern, and covering from sculptures to paintings. I specially enjoy the African sculptures in the museum. One hour wandering among interesting and inspirational arts is enough to make me forget about living in a metropolitan city.

Miller Outdoor Theater

If you like the fresh air outdoor, and you also enjoy watching shows, then please don’t forget to check out the Miller Outdoor Theater. It has live performances under the star. Shows usually starts around 8pm, which gives you enough time to have dinner or visit other places. Some shows are free and some are ticketed. Some nights are only for movies. When the stars come out, take a seat at the lawn and enjoy a relaxing night watching featured performance of that night. Very romantic, right?!

Visiting the Heights

Houston Heights is a historical neighborhood located at the northwest of Houston. Houses in this area still kept the old styles back in the 1800s. This part of town has unique style as well as interesting events every night. You may also find some hipster styled shops and restaurants scattering around, like Birds Barbershop, Crazy Cat Escape Room, and Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater. Heights definitely present a different side of Houston, a fun and unique side!

Axelrad Beer Garden

After a day of work and a night of adventure, it is time to chill in a hammock at the backyard of Axelrad, and sipping on some locally made beer. The backyard style brewery is very casual and relaxing. If you feel up to some late night bites, there are food trucks on site too.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to explore Houston after five!

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