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Kampala, Uganda After 5:00 pm

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Kampala, a city of seven hills is the largest and most highly developed city in Uganda. It is also the capital city of this beautiful landlocked country commonly known as the Pearl of Africa due to the beauty and diversity that is bestowed in it.

The number one place to visit in Kampala is the Gadaffi National mosque which is also known as the Old Kampala Mosque by the locals. It is the biggest mosque in Uganda and also doubles as the headquarters for the Islamic religion. A visit to this mosque will give you panoramic views of all the 7 hills of Kampala.

How to Get to Kampala

The closest and the only international airport in Uganda is Entebbe airport! Kampala is just an hour drive away from Entebbe Airport given there is no heavy traffic. Buy on a highly jammed traffic day, it can even take close to 2 and a half hours. The most common way to get to Kampala is by hiring an airport taxi which is around 30$ but if you’re a budget traveler and you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for a public taxi which goes for around 5$. The public taxi will only help if you don’t have a lot of luggage and you’ll need to find a way to get to the taxi stage from the airport which might be a little hustle-but if you don’t mind walking a bit, then this would be perfect for you.

Traffic is crazy in Kampala- like extremely crazy. So the best way to get around is by using motorcycles known as “bodabodas” by locals. But you can also experience public taxis which might be a little different compared to what you’re used to. Private taxis are also OK, though they come with a larger price tag compared to using public means of transportation.

Where to Eat in Kampala

Cafe Javas // Enjoy some of the best continental dishes in Kampala from here. Are you a big chicken fan? Then Cafe javas’ Caribbean jerk chicken will leave you longing for more. Don’t forget to accompany it with a kiwi lemonade for a perfect meal.

The Lawns // The Lawns have mastered the art of grilling! Don’t order for anything else but grilled meat! My all time favorite here is the grilled Pork chop accompanied with a strawberry daiquiri.

Holy Crepe // Looking for that amazing crepe in Kampala? Holy crepe should be your very first choice. While you’re there, try out the Nutella crepe, just make sure not to bite your tongue.

Cafeserrie // This restaurant might come with a higher price tag, but the meals are worth every penny. Even though the large meals are absolutely delicious, their strawberry cake is my all time favorite delicacy.

Mythos Greek Taverna Lunge // Feel like enjoying a mezza for dinner or lunch? Mythos is the perfect place to indulge into a Greek meal as you sip on Ouzu.

What to Do in Kampala

Visit the Bahai Temple // Just located 3 miles North of Kampala, Bahai temple is the mother temple in Africa for the Bahai faith. Admire the architecture of the temple as you learn more about the Bahai faith in Uganda.

Take a walking tour around Kampala city // Kampala is a large city and the best way to see all the hidden gems and experience the lifestyle in Kampala is by taking a walking tour.

Visit the Rubaga cathedral // Rubaga cathedral is the headquarter for the roman catholic faith in Uganda. Learn about the history of Catholism in Uganda as you admire the architectural beauty.

Visit the Kabaka palace // Buganda is the largest and strongest kingdom in Uganda. The king of Buganda is locally known as the Kabaka and a visit to the Kabaka’s palace will teach you a lot more about the culture and customs of Buganda and Uganda as a whole.

Visit the Kasubi Tombs // The Kasubi tombs are not only a burial site for Buganda kings but were also named a Unesco world heritage site. This makes the Kasubi tombs worth a visit while in Kampala.

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There are many things to do in Kampala, Uganda after work. Visit the capital of this African city by going through the Entebbe airport. You can get around on motorcycle or try a public taxi. When looking for what to eat in Kampala, try Café Javas or The Lawns Even crepes or a mezza dinner. Take a walking tour of Kampala, or visit the Rubaga cathedral or Bahai Temple. Try the Kasubi tombs or Kabaka palace. #Kampala #Uganda #TravelforWork

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