Madrid After Five: Spain’s Capital City

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Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is full of life and adventures to be had. If you’re going to be heading to Madrid for work soon, you’ve definitely got a lot to look forward to. It’s a city that seems to never lack things to do and see for the first time, but there are some preparation tips that will help you get more out of your travel experience in Madrid.

Learn About the Metro System

The metro system in Madrid, just like in any other major city, has its own quirks and particularities. It’s important to understand as much as you can about the system because it’s easily the best and most convenient way to navigate the city of Madrid. And if you opt for other ways of getting around, you’ll probably end up spending more. It’s a great system and the 10 ride pass is available for around €12.

Find an Apartment in One of Madrid’s Stunning Buildings

As you can see, the skyline of Madrid is simply beautiful and that’s thanks to the old buildings that line the city’s streets. They exude grandeur and they’re so much better than some of the accommodation you’ll find on the edge of the city. If you want to make the most of your time in the city, you should find a short-term rental in one of those buildings.

Plan Your Museum Visits During the Free Hours

There are certain times when access to all of the city’s museums is free. This is something that you’ll definitely want to make the most of because Madrid has a lot of fantastic museums but they can be expensive outside of these free hours. Between Monday and Saturday at the Prado, entry is free between 6pm and 8pm. That’s one you definitely won’t want to miss.

Pick Up Some Words and Phrases of Spanish

Not everyone in Madrid will be able to speak English, so it’s definitely worth learning some Spanish before making your trip. Whether you choose to watch some Spanish youtubers and read a phrasebook or even take a few classes; it’ll help you a lot if you have a few basic words and phrases you’re able to use while you’re attempting to communicate with locals in Madrid.

Know Which Tourists Traps to Avoid

Madrid is popular with tourists, and that’s why you will find a few tourist traps in certain parts of the city. You definitely want to avoid the restaurants and bars that are aimed at tourists because they’re not great and the prices are usually pretty high. Many of these are located in Plaza Mayor. Explore the city and find the places where the locals eat and drink. That’s where the best food, drink and prices are found.

Madrid is undoubtedly one of the most fun cities to explore in Europe. Don’t let it be overshadowed by Barcelona because Madrid has an identity of its own and it’s entirely unique. If you’re thinking of heading there soon and experiencing it all first-hand, be sure to follow the advice outlined above.

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