• Activitie in Seattle for after 5:00 pm
    Travel After Five

    Seattle After Five

    From a vibrant waterfront to beautiful mountains, Seattle has a bit of everything. Even if you are working until after the sun goes down there’s a lot to explore — and don’t let rainy weather stop you from going out.…

  • Get the Airline to Reimburse Your Delayed Luggage

    Get Delayed Luggage Reimbursed

    Did you know that you can get your airline to pay for lost luggage? Did you know that you can get the airline to pay for your delayed luggage? As a traveling consultant, my wardrobe is critical to my profession…

  • Orlando Florida After Work
    Travel After Five

    Orlando After Five

    Orlando, The City Beautiful offers a multitude of options. It’s as if the city comes to life as the sun is setting. With her unique and diverse neighborhoods, there is so much to do every evening of the week in…

  • San Jose After Five
    Travel After Five

    San Jose After Five

    San Jose, located in the Bay Area of California just south of San Francisco, is home to a large array of tech companies including Adobe, eBay, and PayPal. Whether you are looking for tourist attractions or a walk in the…

  • Travel After Five

    Albany NY After Five

    As the capital of New York State, Albany sits the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers. Albany is also is the epicenter of upstate New York’s Capital Region. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, arts, food and craft beer…

  • toronto harbor cruise at night
    Travel After Five

    Toronto After Five

    The city of Toronto seemingly comes alive after 5:00 pm. Trendy bars and restaurants start opening up, people make their way to outdoor patios and public spaces to relax, and the heavy traffic of the day starts to die down.…

  • Hamburg Germany after work
    Travel After Five

    Hamburg After Five

    Hamburg is northern Germany’s beautiful port city, running over with old-school charm and picturesque romance (with a few raunchy winks to boot!). And with the opening of its new philharmonic hall, Hamburg is shining out on the map, being swiftly named…