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Travel Gift Guide for Her: 15 Items She’ll Love to Pack

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Does she love to travel? There are many products on the market that will make her travel journey smoother or help track where she has been. If you are shopping for the woman who loves to travel, consider some of these gifts for her to take on the road or to remind her of her trips.

Gifts to remind her about her trips

Golden Coil Custom Planner // To help her plan her future trips, consider a Golden Coil Custom Planner. Get her a gift card, and for $68 she can customize the planner of her dreams for not only planning trips, but all aspects of life. She can customize all of the pages that are in her planner, according to her needs.

Shutterfly Customized Gifts // To help her remember her trips, get her a customized gift from Shutterfly with photos of her trips. A Christmas ornament of her favorite journey this year or a mug with a photograph that she took can be a great way to remind her of where she has been.

Traveller Collective Engraved Rings // If she is aiming to visit 30 countries by the time she turns 30, you may want to help her start a Traveller Collective collection. The Traveller Collective designs engraved rings of states or countries for every place that she has visited.  Each ring costs $3.25-$4.25, and you can purchase a clip or necklace (each $22.50) to string them on.

Conquest Maps Pin Board Travel Map // To show off where she has traveled to, consider getting her a pin board travel map from Conquest Maps. Starting at $83, these gorgeous prints are perfect for making places she has been and places she wants to see. Maps can come in state, country, or world sizes.

Gifts to help her maintain her looks on the road

Benefit Cosmetics Holiday Set // If she wears makeup, a Benefit Cosmetics Holiday Set will be an excellent stocking stuffer for her. With gifts starting as low as $12, these travel friendly sized samples are perfect for her to throw in her carry-on.

Quip Toothbrush // The quip electric toothbrush is a great gift for her. A quip toothbrush is a slim electric toothbrush that not only looks good, but does an excellent job at cleaning your teeth. This toothbrush is travel ready, with a travel cover that can mount to a mirror to keep your toothbrush off the hotel counter. Electric without the bulky charger, you can order a quip toothbrush today for just $40.

SILKE Hair Wrap // Tossing and turning at night against the hotel sheets can damage her hair. The SILKE Hair Wrap helps protect her hair while she sleeps, and is an excellent gift to protect her against bad hair days while traveling. This travel gift for her costs $57.86 (45 euros).

T3 Folding Compact Hair Dryer // The T3 Featherweight Compact is a folding travel hair dryer that will easily fit in her carry-on. Currently priced at $119 for Black Friday, this hair dryer will keep her looks on point while on the road.

Custom Sperry Shoes // For the woman covering all sorts of terrain, you may want to get custom Sperry Shoes. Known for their boat shoes, Sperry offers their original style and duck boots available at $150 for customizing to her favorite colors. Even get her shoes monogrammed with her initials.

Gekks No-Show Socks // While on the road, her socks are likely to fall down, smell, or she may experience blisters. Gekks no-show socks are an innovative sock that sticks in your shoe, and leaves your feet comfortable and fresh. If she wears shoes that may require no-show socks such as heels or sneakers, Gekks would be an excellent gift. The closet pack of 3 types of no-show socks is $49.

Gifts to help her stay organized while traveling

Fossil RFID Wallet // If she will be traveling, help her keep her credit cards safe in a Fossil RFID Wallet. For $75, you can get a Logan RFID Zip Around Wallet that fits her phone and credit cards, and you can also get the wallet embossed with her initials at no extra charge.

Personalized Gifts from The Daily Edited // For customized luggage tags, cosmetic cases, passport holders and more, The Daily Edited has a dreamy list of personalized monogram travel gifts to choose from. Starting at $50 for a luggage tag, one of my favorite items is the Black Clear Travel Case, which at $90 can hold all of your travel liquids while going through security.

Mejuir Compact Travel Case // If she likes to switch up her jewelry while traveling, consider getting her a Mejuir Compact Travel Case. This compact case is priced at $85. It easily fits in a purse or luggage, and keeps jewelry from getting tangled or missing.

GATTA Camera Bag // If she likes to bring her camera while she travels, consider a GATTA Camera Bag. These bags are large enough to hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera, they will keep her camera safe, and she will look stylish while carrying it. These bags range from $149-$198.

Tumi Backpack // If she is on the road often, she can definitely use a Tumi Backpack to keep all her stuff. While these backpacks start at $79, expect to spend $200-$300 if you are looking at Tumi’s most popular styles.

If she loves to travel, there are many gifts out there that will help her remember where she has been, or make her trip more enjoyable. Are any of the above items on your travel wish list?

If you are shopping for the woman who loves to travel, consider some of these gifts for her to take on the road. 15 travel gifts for her can be found here. Planner, socks, collectible rings, RFID wallets, compact hair dryers and more - these travel gifts are perfect for the holidays, and something that she will love to take on her next adventure.

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