5 Work Bags for Traveling Women

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There are many work totes on the market, but not all of them will stand the test of time for traveling women. Traveling women need a work bag that will survive from the airport to the boardroom, while looking professional and carrying everything that they need. If you are in the market for a new work bag, consider one of the following excellent options.


The BRERA Tote Set is priced at $330, and has 3-in-1 features including the tote, a laptop bag, and a wallet that fit together. The laptop bag and wallet can snap out of the tote for days when you only need the minimum. My favorite thing about this tote is that it has the luggage strap for traveling, so you can slip the bag over your luggage handles while at the airport. The flexibility of the BRERA Tote makes it a great option for traveling. The tote from MILLENNY comes in blush, black, tan or navy and will fit a 13″ laptop.

Millenny Tote Bag for Traveling WomenWork Bag Brera Tote Features

Michael Kors Voyager Medium Leather Tote

The Voyager Medium Leather Tote from Michael Kors comes in a variety of different colors, this exact version in pearl grey or black You can add a complimentary custom monogram to your bag.  This bag is $278 and gives a professional polished touch to any outfit.

Dagne Dover Classic Tote

The Classic Tote from Dagne Dover is priced at $245 and comes in 9 different colors. The Dagne Dover totes are gorgeous, and come with a variety of features to keep your on-the-go life organized. The Classic Tote will hold up to 13″ laptops, while The Legend Tote at $265 will fit 15″ laptops.

Dagne Dover Bag for Traveling WomenWork Bag Dagne Dover Classic Tote Features

Lo & Sons The Seville

The Seville by Lo & Sons is one of my favorite travel bags. The Seville comes with an interchangeable shell, so you can change the color of your tote to match your mood or to be ready for travel. The nylon travel shell fits over your luggage handles, while the leather shells are perfect for meetings at the client. This bag comes in two sizes and a variety of colors: a bag that holds a 13″ laptop at $398, or a 15″ laptop at $428. Lo & Sons frequently has deals where you can get the bag for 20-40% off.

Lo and Sons Dagne Dover Bag for Traveling WomenWork Bag The Seville Features

Tumi Carson Backpack

Many of my female coworkers have recently purchased the Carson Backpack from Tumi’s Voyageur collection. The nylon backpack has a separate 15″ laptop compartment, side pockets, and the luggage strap for going over your suitcase. This work bag is better for your back than a traditional shoulder tote, while still looking professional. The backpack costs $375, comes in 8 different colors, and has free initials personalization.

Tumi Carson Backpack Tote for Working WomenWork Bags Tumi Carson Backpack Features

There are so many great options for work bags for traveling professionals, it’s difficult to decide which bag to go with. What bag do you use when traveling for work?

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5 Work Bags for Traveling Women

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