Is the Away Bigger Carry-On too big?

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You can find a lot of reviews for the Away luggage on the internet, so I am going to assume that you already want the bag and just need an answer to the title question: is the Away Bigger Carry-On too big? Should you go with the Carry-On or the Bigger Carry-On? How does the Away Bigger Carry-On compare to other suitcases?

I was already convinced. I knew that I wanted the Away suitcase, I just didn’t know if I should get the Carry-On or the Bigger Carry-On. I heard mixed reviews online and from coworkers, but I eventually decided to risk the Bigger Carry-On. I am so glad that I did!

Samsonite, Away Bigger Carry-On, and Ricardo luggage sizes compared from the side

Here, you can see the Samsonite I purchased from Marshall’s that I used for 2 years, my Away Bigger Carry-on, and a Ricardo bag I purchased from Marshall’s that I used for about 6 months before caving and getting the Away. For reference, I traveled 31 weeks in 2017 and primarily travel within the domestic United States.

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I used the Samsonite for 2 years, and never had issues fitting it on the plane unless I had unzipped the extender and stuffed a bunch of things in the front pocket. I definitely never had issues with the Ricardo, and normally felt it looked small compared to other suitcases in the airport. Even though the Away suitcase is just as tall, the Away Bigger Carry-On sits closer to the ground for that extra space. The Ricardo was also advertised as being the normal airline size at 21 inches when I purchased it.

Samsonite, Away Bigger Carry-On, and Ricardo luggage sizes compared from above

The Away Bigger Carry-On is even smaller than the compressed Samsonite. Since I traveled with the Samsonite for two years without issue, this definitely gave me confidence that the Bigger Carry-On would not be too big for my weekly work trips.

I have heard that the Bigger Carry-On might be too large for planes in Europe, however my experience is only within the United States – when I go to Europe, I usually take a larger bag anyway! In the few weeks that I have used it already, I can definitely say that the Bigger Carry-On was the right choice for me. I can easily pack everything that I need for work, without an issue.

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