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The Seville by Lo & Sons Work Bag for Women Review

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I had been eyeing the Lo & Sons bags for the longest time. I have always loved all of the pockets, and I was obsessed with the laptop strap across the back to make traveling with the bag easier. Wanting one of everything, I was even considering the O.M.G. or T.T. bags for quite a while to use as my work-travel bag. However, I was a little turned off by the nylon exterior. I continued to look for different laptop bags, and I occasionally looked back at the Lo & Sons website, trying to decide if I should cave and order it or not.

When The Seville bag was released, I was in love. It was the perfect bag for the traveling professional woman – all the pockets I could need, and interchangeable shells so I could switch between an ultra-professional leather bag to a functional nylon travel bag. I was instantly obsessed, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $428 for the 15′ bag (to carry my 14′ work laptop!). I was sad.

Well, this past summer, Lo & Sons had a summer sale where the bag was 30% off! Since my birthday was coming up, I convinced my fiance to get it for me as a birthday present – and I am so lucky he agreed to it. I chose The Seville with the Light Grey Saffiano Leather shell.

The Seville Features

There are so many features to The Seville that I recommend checking out their website for the rundown. In summary, the inner shell has a zipper and holds all the stuff, and the outer shell you can switch out. Insider there’s another zipper pocket, along with four open pockets and a pen holder. There is a laptop pocket which has a button clasp, and a open tablet pocket. There is also a key leash for you to attach a wallet or key ring.

lo and sons seville bag

In My Bag

So what do I carry in The Seville?

All my stuff fits beautifully when I only have one laptop.

Unfortunately, I’ve been on a client recently that required me to get a second laptop that I have to lug around. However, The Seville will actually hold them both! I do have to put my Fossil purse in the outside shell however to make everything fit.

lo and sons seville bag

If I didn’t carry my Fossil bag with it, the bag looks a little less lumpy. It is also less lumpy when you are physically carrying it.

The shell is easy to switch out, and it has been holding up to my travel schedule well. I use the nylon shell on travel days, and my leather shell on the middle days that I am visiting my client. Sometimes in the airplane, I can slide the bag up-right underneath the seat, so I still have plenty of leg room. Even though my travel schedule can be pretty abusive, the quality is holding up well. If Lo & Sons ever creates a sea green shell (for the leather shell or the nylon travel shell) I would probably purchase it instantly. I’m still extremely excited for this bag, and so happy I have it in my life!


    • Michelle

      Unfortunately, the pocket is pretty tight. Sometimes I will put my laptop in the compartment with my phone charger plugged in, and it doesn’t fit! However, if you don’t want to use the laptop pocket, your laptop would definitely fit in the main compartment of the bag.

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