Secret to Long Lasting Travel Nails

The Secret to Long-lasting Travel Nails: Dip Powder

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How do you maintain your nails while traveling? Nail polish chips, and getting acrylic nails done every other week can get expensive. I love the look of having my nails done, but I don’t want to pay for a professional manicure every week. I have recently found a system that works for me: it keeps my nails chi-free, strong, and will last an entire trip.

The Secret to Long-lasting Travel Nails: Dip Powder

Dip powder is a nail system that involves painting your nails with a clear liquid, and then dipping your nails into a tub of colorful powder.  While more expensive and more time consuming than just painting your nails, dip powder nails will last much longer while you are traveling. Dip powder nails are incredibly strong – unless I really hit my nail, I never have my dip powder manicures chip.

Getting a dip powder manicure at the salon can cost $40-60, which will add up over time. Instead, I have started to do my own dip powder manicures at home. Not only is this more cost effective, but I also have all of the tools necessary to fix a nail if one does break while I am traveling.

I have tried DIY gel nails before with a gel lamp, but I did not have good results. I find dip powder manicures much easier to do myself – especially since you can easily buff out any paint errors that you make.

My go-to brand is Revel Nail, because I find that their products are the cheapest quality products on the market, and I like their rewards program. Use my referral link here for 10% off your first order!

Secret to Long Lasting Travel Nails Revel Nail

What do you need to do a dip powder nail manicure?

If you decide to purchase a Revel Nail dip powder starter kit at $49.99, it will come with 3 liquids that are required to do dip nails, along with brush softener and a 2 oz jar of a starter color of your choice. If you would like to save money, I actually recommend purchasing the items separately. In my experience, I do not think that you need the brush softener, and you can buy .5 or 1 oz jars of dip powder color at cheaper prices.

In addition to this, you will also need to purchase a buffing block and a makeup brush for removing excess powder. There are many other nail tools out there to make your manicures sharp, but this would be the bare minimum that you need to get started.

What color should I use for business professional nails?

If you are traveling for work and want a business professional nail look, I would recommend any color without glitter. I would also avoid “fun” nails such as accent nails or patterns. I would pick one solid color that you use on all your fingers. If your workplace or client is particularly conservative, I would stick to nudes, grays, pinks or reds for your manicures. For the majority of my clients, I still feel comfortable wearing blues, greens or black as long as there is little or minimal glitter.

Some of my favorite business professional colors from Revel Nail include (left to right below): Marion D50, Sage D380, Tease D242, Truth D340, and Passion D240.

Secret to Long Lasting Travel Nails Revel Nail

How do you maintain your nails on the road?

With dip powder nails, your nail polish is less prone to breaking. This means longer lasting manicures while traveling! The only time that I have needed a quick-fix to my dip powder nails while traveling is when I managed to smash my hand getting my suitcase out of a taxi. Other than accidentally hitting my hands way too hard, I have not had any issues with my dip powder nails chipping.

However, if you are worried that you may break a nail while traveling or are paranoid like me, I typically travel with back-up nail polish in my suitcase. While a painted nail will not be as strong as a dip powder nail, back-up nail polish will look more professional than a naked nail among your painted nails.

If I am traveling for a long period of time, I actually will bring my dip powder kit with me, with just a buffing block. I don’t usually pack any other nail prep tools, because if I break a nail while traveling I will only need a quick touch-up, I won’t plan on re-doing my entire set.

How do you remove dip powder nails?

There are many resources online that will tell you how to remove dip powder nails, but my favorite method is the “Baggie Method”. I like to soak my fingers in Onyx professional nail polish soak off – this brand is so effective, and you can buy it at Walmart for about $3!

To soak off my nails, I first buff off at minimum the top layer of my nails. I then pour the soak off solution into a plastic bag, and then I put the bag in a warm bowl of water. While putting the bag in a warm bowl of water isn’t necessary, the heat helps your nails soak off faster. You then put your hands in the plastic bag, and wait. Usually by the time I finish an episode of The Office, my dip powder nails will be removed.

If you are looking for a do-it-yourself nail system that prevents your nails from chipping on the road, you should consider a dip powder nail system. I am obsessed – while it takes a bit of practice, the time to learn to do your nails will be worth it. For 10% off your first Revel Nail purchase , use my link here.

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How do you keep your nails beautiful and chip-free while you are on the road? Regular nail polish and acrylic won\'t cut it... try dip powder nails! You can get a dip powder nail kit at home, and do your own nails before your next big trip. Dip powder nails will help your manicure last longer while you are traveling, so you do not have to worry about chips! Dip powder also makes your nails stronger to last against the tough adventures and activities you\'ll have during your travels.


  • Ruth

    I’d never heard of a dip powder manicure before but to be fair I have never had a manicure so this was a really interesting read 🙂 I may have to have one at some point. Give it a go

  • Monidipa Dutta

    I have used it so I will say I was under the impression that this dried matte however after re-doing my nails, they came out very shiny. I realized my problem was that I did not wait long enough for the activator to dry. The first time I waited about 5 min and liberally applied the sealer after; They dried ugly matte. Next day I waited 15 min for the activator to dry and then applied the sealer in a sparse coat to each nail, then re-applied another sparse coat. They came out beautifully!! *taking these off was kinda difficult for me… I saturated a cotton ball with acetone and wrapped in foil for 30min & the balls were stuck to my nails. I poured more acetone on them and let them soak longer. About half came off with a scraping tool I have but the other half I had to use a coarse filer to run off.* All in all, I’m very happy with the results.

  • Dalene Ekirapa

    I’m definitely enlightened on dip powder! Anyway, I’ll agree that when it comes to work-related matters, it’s always better to go for laid-back colors for polish that look more professional than fun colors.

  • Ladonna Batiste

    Your nails look amazing. You are doing a great job DIY. I can’t do my own nails and dip powder looks like a lot of work. Gel nails seem to work great for me while vacationing. My friend does her own nails and I will tell her to read your post.

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