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Magnetic Eyelashes Review: One Two Lash

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I saw an article on Facebook actually about One Two Lash Magnetic Eyelash Extensions, and as a lover of all things technology, thought they were the coolest things ever. I have always loved the look of false eyelashes, but always made a mess of the glue and decided it wasn’t worth it. These magnetic eyelashes from One Two Cosmetics actually come in two pieces, and magnetically clasp together around your real eyelashes. How neat!!

When picking out magnetic eyelashes, I spent at least an hour trying to decide between trying their Original Lash and their Bold Lash.  I wanted lashes I could try to wear everyday, especially through work and traveling, but I also have my wedding coming up and knew I would want to wear eyelashes for that. So, I ended up buying both pairs, and now you get to see the comparison!

Bold Lash on the left, Original Lash on the right

Each magnetic eyelash set cost $69.00, and comes with 4 sets – 2 for your left eye and 2 for your right eye – in a cute little carrying case, perfect for my weekly traveling. The case is magnetic so the eyelashes don’t move around. Each set also comes with a cloth to lay down on your counter to catch your eyelashes if you drop them (I honestly don’t use it). They are a bit pricey, but I figured since I would wear them everyday, it would be worth the money. They are cheaper than eyelash extensions, and you can take them off at the end of the day so you don’t have to worry about rubbing your eyes.

Magnetic Lashes Comparison

Here you can see photos of my natural normal eyelashes with mascara, the original lash, and the bold lash.

one two lash magnetic lashes comparison

one two lash magnetic lashes comparison


I am SO obsessed with these! The original lash is perfect for everyday, and the pair I have been wearing are still in great shape. I wear them while taking naps on the plane, and to work visiting with clients. Admittedly, the bold is a bit bold for every day wear for me, but I absolutely love how the bold looks in pictures and for going out in the evening.

The One Two Magnetic Lashes are so easy to take on and off. I do struggle with getting the lashes close enough to my eye, and sometimes my fiancé points out that they’re a little far down my lashes and he can see them. The great thing is, they’re easy to adjust! If I realized I was lazy in the morning and need to adjust my eyelashes, I can easily do that mid-day without messing with any glue!

I absolutely love my lashes, and highly recommend them. I definitely think they are one of the greatest and most innovative beauty inventions we have seen in a while. Obsessed!


  • Barbara

    I L O V E the One-Two Lashes too!
    I also purchased the Original and Bold styles and they arrived within a couple of weeks. I’ve worn them almost daily since May and they are as good as new. They are a lot of fun! ?

  • Robin H

    I agree! I just received mine 3 weeks ago and have worn them every day. They are so easy to apply and they stay put all day long. I am slightly obsessed as well… I only have the original so far but getting the bold soon!

  • Paulet

    Are any of you contact lens wearers? I wonder how these lashes & their magnets are affected by the use of eyedrops, etc.

    • Michelle

      I wear contacts everyday with my lashes! I have not noticed an affect of the magnets on my lenses. I have not tried using eyedrops while wearing my lashes though.

  • Mary

    Their customer service is terrible. I read the directions and accidentally blinked the first time I tried to apply the first lash. It went flying somewhere and after spending 20 minutes looking for it, I contacted the company to buy a replacement, and they wont sell me one?? So, now I’m out $35 plus shipping before I have ever figured out how to get the damn things on. And trust me- it’s not an easy 1, 2 like the video shows. Maybe they can spend less money on their crazy expensive packaging and figure out how to stock replacements. I do NOT recommend this brand of magnetic lashes.

  • Blaire

    I love my lashes too! Unfortunately they are looking shorter and shorter as some lashes have come off also making them look frayed and spidery ?. I wear them every day but it’s only been a week and a half! I wasn’t expecting them to last forever but at least a month or so. I am very careful putting them on and correctly remove them. Don’t know what the deal is! Contacting customer service so we shall see!

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