columbus after five

Columbus After Five

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One day you may find yourself in Columbus, the very center of the state of Ohio and also the state’s capital. If you will be visiting Columbus for a work trip and have some afternoons free, here are a few activities for you and your coworkers.

World’s Largest Gavel

If you find yourself wandering the streets of downtown Columbus, stop quickly in front of the Supreme Court of Ohio to see the world’s largest gavel. Made from a single tree, this gavel is a Guinness World Record.

The Topiary Park

If the weather is nice, before sunset you are free to enter The Topiary Park of Columbus. The park has a variety of walks to showcase flowers and trees.

Shadowbox Live

Interested in laughing away all of your work troubles? Check out Shadowbox Live, a comedy theater that often puts on shows at 7:30 or 8:00 pm during the week. With tickets often as cheap as $5, this is a great potential after work event with your coworkers.

German Village

There are plenty activities in the German Village neighborhood of Columbus for you and your colleagues after work. The Book Loft of German Village is an incredibly cute book store that feels like a maze! You can literally get lost in the books. If you’re interested in ‘Real! German! Food!’ then walk on over to Schmidt’s for a bratwurst. Schmidt’s was also featured on Man vs Food.

Gateway Film Center

For a relaxing evening where you can sit and stare at a screen, rather than being forced to actually socialize with your coworkers, you can visit the Gateway Film Center and see an independent film. Movie tickets are $8 after 6:00 PM, with $5 tickets and free popcorn on Tuesdays.

Columbus Museum of Art

On Thursdays, the Columbus Museum of Art is open until 9:00 pm and the fee to enter is “pay what you want” (The regular adult admission is $14).

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Columbus After Five

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