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Maximizing Points on your Work Trip

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One of the best benefits of traveling for work is the amount of points that you accumulate. Usually when you are traveling for work, you will have to pay for airlines, hotels, and meals, which you will reimburse later. To maximize the amount of points that you generate on your work trip, follow the below guidelines.

Sign up for reward programs

Don’t forget to sign up for the variety of reward programs to start generating points in the first place! You’ll want to make sure to register for your:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Rental Cars

Use a points card

The credit card that you choose for your business trip should be based on a few factors. If you always travel with a particular airline or hotel, you may find that you can maximize your points using an airline or hotel card. If your travel tends to vary quite a bit, or you don’t travel for work often enough to always use a particular brand, you may want a credit card that gives you points for any types of purchases.

I personally use a Marriott credit card, because I always stay in Marriotts, and an American Airlines Executive card which gives me airline lounge access. If you don’t go to enough airports to need lounge access, that card probably isn’t for you!

Register for Rewards Network Dining

Rewards Network Dining is a site where you can register your credit card, and every time that you dine using that card you get additional points! You can sign up to receive points for airlines, hotels, or just get cash back. This allows you to double dip – you receive points on your credit card for your meal, in addition to the dining awards from this site.

Register for Yelp Cash Back

Many business professionals who travel use the Yelp app to figure out where to eat every meal. Yelp has a similar cash back offer where you can register your credit card, and get cash back for when you use those businesses. Not necessarily maximizing your points, but you are definitely getting the most out of your wallet in these cases.

These are the bare minimum steps you should follow to begin maximizing the amount of points you get during your work trips. There are many other blogs that discuss the best ways to get points, but I wanted to cover the basics. Just following these steps, I probably will never have to pay for a hotel room again. Good luck!

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