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6 Useful Apps for Work Trips

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When you’re preparing to travel for work, it’s a good idea to have some useful apps handy for business-related convenience. Check out this list of 6 useful apps for your work trips.

1. Uber or Lyft for transportation

Depending on your project, you may either be renting a car or using public transportation. It is still a good idea to have a ride-share app on your phone, in the event that you don’t have access to transportation. Cheaper than a taxi, most companies will be fine with primarily using Uber or Lyft for transportation. Set up your account ahead of time with a business profile, so that receipts go directly to your work email.

2. Yelp for every time you eat out

Especially if you are the newest team member on a project, your coworkers may expect you to figure out where you’re eating for lunch and dinner everyday. You will be expected to find delicious restaurants, while avoiding chains and avoiding food poisoning. Yelp is a great app to check for restaurant recommendations, and to satisfy your team’s cravings.

3. Your airline’s app for boarding passes

No matter what airline you’re flying, they probably have a mobile app. You don’t have to actually check in and print a boarding pass anymore! If you aren’t checking a bag, you can check in for your flight 24 hours ahead of time on your app and have your boarding pass on your phone. This means you can go straight to security once you arrive at the airport, a convenience that saves you time.

4. Your hotel’s app for checking in

Your hotel chain also likely has a mobile app, and you also will be able to check in 24 hours ahead of time. Some hotels also have mobile checkout, which can be handy.

5. Scanner app for receipts

Your company is probably paying for a bunch of your stuff, like meals and hotels, and you will be required to keep all of those receipts. My company has an app that will “scan” the receipts by taking a photo, and it will automatically send the receipt to my expense report. Check to see if your company has similar resources, and it will cut down on your Friday administrative tasks.

6. Puzzle games that don’t require wi-fi

You might be bored on the plane, or just bored in general waiting on transportation or for other people. Having some sort of puzzle game on your phone will help you pass the time when you don’t want to keep refreshing Facebook and Instagram. My two favorites are some Sudoku app and Flow Free.
Do you have any other apps that you need when traveling for work? Let us know about them in the comments below!

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