Lo & Sons: The OMG or The Seville?

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I own both the Lo & Sons The OMG and 15′ The Seville, because I have very little self control when it comes to purchasing bags. Both of these laptop bags are incredibly popular among consultants and other business travelers, as these bags have plenty of pockets and room for all of the items we need, and these totes have luggage straps for easy transport over our carry-ons. So between The Seville and The OMG, which bag should you choose?

If you don’t travel that often, choose The Seville.

If you want a bag that has the luggage straps for your suitcase but you don’t actually travel that often, I would recommend getting The Seville. I think my Seville holds a nicer shape, and since you have the ability to change the outer shell, you can have a more professional-looking bag.

If you are traveling with more than one laptop, choose The OMG.

I cannot fit two laptops in my Seville and close the zipper. This makes it difficult to actually travel with two laptops. Whenever I am working on a client that requires their own laptop, I make sure to travel with my OMG instead so I can carry everything that I need and still zip it up. The OMG definitely holds more, and is useful on longer trips.

If you like to match your bags to your outfits, choose The Seville.

I love the versatility of changing my Seville’s outer shell. I love fun and bold colors, so being able to change the color of my bag depending on my mood was a huge sell to me. With the OMG, sometimes I choose to use another bag if I don’t want to carry a blue bag for the week. With the Seville I have the options of using the black nylon travel shell, or my white or red shells that I have.

If you want more flexibility out of your tote, choose The OMG.

If you want a bag that you can use to carry your gym shoes, a change of clothes on the weekend, or maybe even baby supplies in the future, The OMG is your best bet. The OMG has the flexibility to be used as a professional laptop bag or a weekender, depending on what you stuff in it.

I personally switch between the two bags depending on the situation. Overall, these are amazing laptop bags, and I still recommend Lo & Sons to everyone that asks about my bags.

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