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12 Professional Backpacks for Women That Can Hold a Laptop

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Tracking down the ideal professional women’s backpack can be tough. Many backpacks on the market will either looked like travel and hiking backpacks, or will be too small to carry anything useful. I have compiled a list of professional backpacks for women here, to help you identify your next bag that you will take to work.

When looking for a professional backpack, consider what you will be carrying on a daily basis. If you are traveling frequently for work, you will want a backpack with pockets on the outside so that you can easily access a boarding pass or identification. If you have a longer commute that involves walking outside, make sure that the backpack you choose has a waterproof material that is easy to clean.

On the other hand, if you are not carrying too many items between your workplace and home, you might consider a lightweight women’s backpack that only needs to hold the essentials. This list provides a wide variety of women’s professional backpacks, with the prices listed in USD.

The best professional backpacks for women highlighted in our post include:

  • City Backpack from MZ Wallace
  • Logan Backpack from Packs Project
  • Beaufort from KNOMO
  • 15″ Nylon Tech Backpack from Kate Spade
  • Modern Day Briefcase from Breton Company
  • Tilda Zip Backpack from Tory Burch
  • Dakota Backpack from Dagne Dover
  • BISCAYNE Backpack from MILLENNY
  • LUXE Smart Backpack from Modernistlook
  • The Backpack from Away
  • Hanover Deluxe from Lo & Sons
  • Carson Backpack from Tumi

Professional Backpacks for Women

I looked at a few other professional women’s backpack lists for inspiration, and was disappointed at the results I was seeing. Many of the results I found either listed backpacks that were too casual for the workplace, or did not seem functional. When putting together my list of professional backpacks for women, I wanted to focus on backpacks that could actually carry a laptop, and looked good.

City Backpack from MZ Wallace

Professional Women Metro Backpack

MZ Wallace offers a few different sized backpacks, the largest one pictured here is the Metro Backpack. At $245, this lightweight quilted nylon women’s backpack has plenty of interior pockets to keep you organized. This backpack fits a 15″ laptop and comes in 12 colors.

Logan Backpack from Packs Project

Logan Backpack for Professional Women

The Logan Backpack by Packs Project is made of high quality vegan leather, and can hold up to a 13″ laptop. This backpack at $129.99 comes in three colors. Packs Project also makes the Ghost Backpack, which is similar and comes in fun prints.

Beaufort from KNOMO

Women's Backpack Professional Beaufort

KNOMO’s Beaufort Women’s Backpack at $199 will hold a lot, with many pockets and a compartment for a 15″ laptop. KNOMO makes backpacks in a variety of sizes, so you can also size down if you have a smaller laptop. The full grain leather is weather resistant, and you can register a KNOMO ID so your bag can be reunited with you if it is lost.

15″ Nylon Tech Backpack from Kate Spade

Women Backpack Kate Spade

The 15″ Nylon Tech Backpack from Kate Spade at $258.00 is exactly as described – a nylon backpack that holds up to a 15″ laptop. This sleek backpack is sure to get the job done, with straps that are designed to be comfortable.

Modern Day Briefcase from Breton Company

Modern Day Briefcase Backpack

The Modern Day Briefcase comes in either a large or small, both priced at $199. This bag can be carried as a messenger bag or a backpack, and has 8 internal pockets to store everything that you need. The large bag fits up to a 17″ laptop, and the small bag fits up to a 15″ laptop. This backpack also comes in three colors and is made of waxed cotton.

Tilda Zip Backpack from Tory Burch

Tory Burch Women Backpack

This Tory Burch nylon backpack comes in three fun colors and holds up to a 13″ laptop. The Tilda Nylon Zip Backpack at $228 is durable and lightweight, perfect for when you have to make that commute.

Dakota Backpack from Dagne Dover

Women Professional Backpack - Dakota

The Dakota Backpack comes in three sizes and a variety of colors. The large backpack costs $195, with many colors currently on sale for $100. This backpack is made of premium neoprene and performance air mesh, and has nylon lining. This backpack will fit most 15″ laptops.

Professional Travel Backpacks for Women

When I am looking for a professional backpack for travel, the biggest differentiating factor is the luggage strap on the back. The following women backpacks have a luggage strap to slip your backpack over your suitcase while traveling.


Millenny Biscayne Women Laptop Backpack for Travel

MILLENNY’s BISCAYNE Backpack costs $285 and is currently offered in four colors. This professional backpack for traveling women will fit up to a 13″ laptop. The two exterior zip pockets are perfect for storing your ID while you are in the airport, and the large inner compartments leave plenty of room for all of your work essentials.

LUXE Smart Backpack from Modernistlook

Women's Smart Backpack LUXE

The Modernistlook LUXE Smart Backpack on sale for $89.99 in the quilted design is built for looking professional while traveling. This backpack has hidden pockets, a luggage strap for your suitcase, and has a USB charging port.  The LUXE Smart Backpack comes in black, navy or burgundy.

The Backpack from Away

Travel Backpack for Women Away

Away offers two backpacks, the slimmer Daypack and the Backpack at $195. This backpack is built for travel with plenty of pockets and hidden zippers. This nylon backpack fits up to 15″ laptops.

Hanover Deluxe from Lo & Sons

Professional Womens Backpack - Hanover

Lo & Sons offers the Hanover and the Hanover Deluxe Backpack, with the Deluxe at $148 offering a front pocket. This backpack comes in three colors, has a sleeve for your suitcase handle, and an insert for a 15″ laptop.

Carson Backpack from Tumi

Women Backpack Professional Tumi

The Tumi Carson Backpack at $425 is a high quality backpack which is a common consulting staple. This nylon backpack has plenty of pockets for every item you will need, along with a laptop compartment for a 15″ laptop. Get a free custom monogram for your Tumi as well.

Finding the Perfect Professional Women’s Backpack 

There are so many women’s backpacks on the market, but not all of them will be professional. Consider the material and color of the backpack. For a professional backpack, you will want to gravitate towards solid colors, especially if you will be visiting clients. Leather and nylon are popular materials; you will typically want to stay away from cloth or mesh backpacks, which will give the backpack a more adventurous look. You will want to make sure that the backpack has the right pockets for your lifestyle, and appropriate padding in the back and straps as needed. Most importantly, make sure that your women’s backpack is big enough to carry everything that you need.

Check out our growing list of the best professional backpacks for working women. There are many factors to consider when selecting a #professionalbackpack. Look at whether or not it can fit a laptop. Look at whether it has a luggage strap, or enough pockets for your regular items. These backpacks will help you travel from point A to point B, while still looking business professional.

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