Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack Review

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Within 12 hours of launching their fundraiser on Kickstarter, Onli Travel was able to hit their funding goal. While the Kickstarter has closed, Onli Travel was able to get 202 backers for the unique Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack: a versatile suitcase designed to connect with your backpack, allowing you to travel with just one bag as your carry-on.

The modular Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack is two backpacks and a rolling suitcase in one. One thin backpack is designed to hold just your laptop and your essentials. The second backpack is larger, expandable, and can fit more items that you might need throughout the day. These two backpacks can then be joined together. The rolling suitcase will then hold all of your clothes for your business trip. Both of the backpacks can zip to the rolling suitcase, resulting in a single bag that you can bring onto an airplane.

Onli Venture Rolling Pack 3 Bags Review

The Onli Travel website has a variety of diagrams and videos to walk you through how to use the bag. In addition, when you receive your bag you receive a set of instructions that walk you through setting up your bag for the first time. These steps included removing the compression straps, hip-belt, sternum strap and rear cover of the bag should you choose.

One of the Onli backpacks has the ability to strap to an airplane seat in front of you. Initially, I did not see the purpose of this, since I have never had issues with using the airplane tray while working. My 6’1″ husband, on the other hand, disagreed. He mentioned that setting the bag up on the airplane seat would give him additional leg room!

Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack Pros

There is definitely no shortage of pockets in your Onli Travel bag. Designed by a road warrior, you can tell that this bag is thoroughly designed. There are pockets for everything – if you are a traveler who carries their office in their backpack, this bag is ideal.

The bag is water resistant, has RFID blocking pockets, and lockable zippers. I do like the abundance of pockets on the outside of the back, for quickly stashing your ID while going through the airport security line. I also don’t need to worry about unpacking my entire suitcase to grab something, since everything I need is handy.

While the Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack is designed so that you only need to travel with one bag, I predict that it will be most beneficial when you need to travel with two. The airline maximum is your carry-on plus a personal item, but there are many instances where I would want to travel with two personal items. Imagine traveling with your carry-on, laptop bag, and a third bag such as a my camera bag, gym duffel, a garment bag or a diaper bag. Rather than trying to fit your personal item into your carry-on, the rolling pack gives you that additional flexibility.

Onli Travel Backpacks

Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack Cons

My number one complaint about the Onli Travel Venture Rolling Suitcase is the lack of 360 degree wheels. For navigating security lines and tight airplanes, I believe that 360 degree wheels are a must. I was surprised when I first tried using the Onli Travel suitcase that it only had two wheels.

I was also surprised that neither of the backpacks had a luggage strap. While I understand that the design of the bag is to travel as a combined suitcase, but I can imagine circumstances where I may be using the backpack by itself before heading to the airport. I may not have a chance to combine my bags before jetting off, so this was a slight inconvenience.

For me, I also cannot envision a time when I would need just the smaller backpack. I prefer to keep the backpacks zipped together, however this means that I need to unzip the backpacks before I can attach them to the carry-on.

Final Thoughts on the Onli Travel Bag

Since my style is typically more feminine, the Onli Travel bag is not one I would usually pick out for myself. However, the Onli Travel backpack has a professional appearance that you will feel comfortable bringing to the office, unlike some backpacks that can appear more casual. There is plenty of space for weekly journeys, and this suitcase will work well for someone traveling for work.

The Venture Rolling Pack is innovative, and you have to sit down and play with it for a while to get the hang of how the bag works. This bag is designed for the person who needs to travel every week, and is ideal if you have a third bag outside of your laptop bag and suitcase that you are trying to carry onto the plane. While this bag is designed for business travelers, I envision it will be most popular among hobbyists who need to carry additional bags. If you have a gym duffel, camera bag, or diaper bag that doesn’t fit in your carry-on, the Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack will be your perfect carry-on companion.

Onli Business Travel Backpack

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