MMLaFleur Pop-up Showroom Review - Grid of 10 outfits

MM.LaFleur Pop-up Showroom Review

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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit a MM.LaFleur pop-up showroom. MM.LaFleur designs practical clothes for the professional woman, with suits, dresses, and separates available. I had been following this women’s clothing brand for a while, and I was excited to try on some of their styles in person.

MM.LaFleur focuses on the personalized styling experience, with a mission to take the work out of dressing for work. You have the option of shopping through a Bento Box, through a showroom or pop-up, or online with help fro a stylist. On the MM.LaFleur website, you are encouraged to create a Bento Box. You will answer a brief survey about your style and preferences, and a stylist will put together a box of 5 items that they will ship to you.

What is a MM.LaFleur pop-up?

A MM.LaFleur Pop-up is a temporary showroom for customers to visit with stylists and try on MM.LaFleur pieces. MM.LaFleur stylists from all over the country fly in to help out! I had the opportunity to visit a MM.LaFleur pop-up in San Jose, which was located for one week inside a Hyatt Place.  The pop-up, set-up as a miniature store, had a front desk, waiting area, and six tents set up for trying on clothes.

When you arrive, you are assigned to a stylist who will focus on you for the next hour. Based on answers to your online profile, along with the feedback that you give on each piece, your stylist will be able to find clothes that best fit your style. This is a great opportunity to try on as many MM.LaFleur pieces s as possible, without having to wait on your Bento Box to be shipped back and forth.

Styling is complimentary, and there is no pressure to make any purchases while you are at the showroom. Your stylist will add feedback that you give to your profile, so that when you are ready to order your next Bento Box, your stylist will have a better idea of what pieces you will like. My stylist also added my favorite items to my wish list, so I can easily add them to my cart in the future.

MM.LaFleur Pop-Up Showroom

How do I get the most out of my MM.LaFleur pop-up experience?

To get the most out of your MM.LaFleur showroom or pop-up experience, you will want to start by creating an account online. From here, you will be able to make a reservation for an appointment. This way, your stylist has time to review your profile ahead of time, and they can prepare items for you to try on before you even arrive.

It is essential that you fill out your online profile ahead of time. Start by filling out the Bento Box survey so that your stylist can learn your preferences. Then, you will want to shop through the online store, and add any items that you may like to your wish list. Picking items ahead of time also gives the stylist an idea of what sizes you will need. When I walked in for my appointment, my stylist already had an entire rack of clothes in my size to try on.

Be honest with your MM.LaFleur stylist about what you like and don’t like about a piece. Consider the fabric, color, and length. Don’t be afraid to ask about how to style different pieces. I asked my stylist if certain tops were typically worn tucked in, and I asked how to tie the sashes and scarves. My stylist also showed me a few outfits with and without a belt. Be open to trying out new styles to get the most out of the experience!

MM.LaFleur Pop-Up in San Jose

What did you try on at the MM.LaFleur pop-up?

I had a lot of fun at the MM.LaFleur pop-up in San Jose! I tried on 10 outfits (about 15 items!) in the span of an hour. For reference, I am 5’8″ and approximately 115 lbs. I typically wear a size 0 or XS in most stores. All of these photos feature MM.LaFleur’s Ginger Pumps in size 35.5, which is a US size 5.5/6.

MM.LaFleur Separates Review

MMLaFleur Trying on Separates - 5 OutfitsOutfit 1 // Antonia 2.0 Top – Soft Wave in Chambray XS + Footer Pant – Black 2 // The first blouse that I tried on, the Antonia Top, was cute but not entirely my style. Since I prefer slim fit pants, we tried on the Footer Pant. While these pants do have an adjustable hem, they did hit right above my ankles. I was not a fan of how they fit, and I would need a taller size for these.

Outfit 2 // McDonough Top – Textured Ponte in Lava XS + Clooney Pant – Light Twill in Black 0 // I am the biggest fan of ponte pants, but a ponte top is too thick for me. I liked the lava color and the neckline of this McDonough top, but I do not typically like peplum style shirts. While I liked the Clooney Pant a lot more than the Footer Pant, I prefer a more contoured fit in my pants.

Based on my feedback, my stylist predicted that I would not be interested in the other pant styles. He mentioned that MM.LaFleur is currently working on more tall styles, which I could try in the future. So, we switched to trying on more skirts.

Outfit 3 // Woolf Jardigan in Black XS + Rowling Top – Soft Wave in Ballet XS  + Greenpoint Skirt in Black 0 // I should have taken a photo without the cardigan, because the Rowling Top was super cute! I was not a fan of the Woolf Jardigan – the arm and body length do not align with my typical style. I did love the Rowling Top, especially in blush. The Greenpoint Skirt was just okay; this skirt had a front slit, which felt odd for me.

Outfit 4 // Eugenia Top – Pleated Jersey in Aegean Blue + Cobbie Hill 3.0 Skirt in Black 0 // Another top I loved – the Eugenia Top in Pleated Jersey is a thicker material, and was a bit chunky to try to tuck in. However, I did really like how it paired with the Cobbie Hill skirt, which was one of my favorite bottoms.

Outfit 5 // Beverly 2.0 Top – Brushstroke in Dark Spruce XS + Crosby Skirt – Textured Ponte in Black 0 // I was obsessed with this outfit! The Beverly Top was my favorite blouse that I tried on, because I love the neck tie. I also liked the length of the Crosby Skirt. We even did a sit test in the skirt, and I was surprised to find that it did not ride up at all. This was my favorite outfit from the day.

MM.LaFleur Dresses Review

MMLaFleur Trying on Separates - 5 DressesDress 1 // Etsuko in Claret 0 // The Etsuko dress was the only dress that I added to my wish list, which I had spotted on the best sellers list. I really liked the neckline, sleeves, and the claret color. However, I found that this dress popped out a bit at the hips for me, which I did not like. The pockets, while a plus, were smaller than expected.

Dress 2 // Isabelle Dress – Light Twill in Navy 0 // My favorite MM.LaFleur dress that I tried on! I told my stylist that the Isabelle Dress gave me Claire Underwood vibes. I loved the length and flare – this dress was so fun to twirl in! I was surprised because this dress online does not look like one I would have liked, but trying it on made all the difference.

Dress 3 // Aditi Dress in Crackle 0 // I also really liked the fit and neckline of the Aditi dress, which gave an incredibly polished look. If I decide to order this dress in the future though, I would choose a solid color.

Dress 4 // Ruth Dress in Viridian 0 // I had high hopes for the Ruth dress, because this dress had the neckline that I liked from the Aditi dress and the flare from the Isabelle Dress. However, this dress was bulky in the chest for me.

Dress 5 // Agness Dress – Royal Checker in Black/Ivory 0P // Not my style. We tried this dress on because I liked the flare on the Isabelle Dress, however my stylist was also doubtful that I would like this dress. The sleeves and overall fit were a bit weird for me.

MM.LaFleur Overall Review

When I started my career in consulting 4 years ago, I exclusively wore skirt suits and dresses, as I had a hard time shopping for pants at my height. Over the past year, I have transitioned to exclusively wearing pant suits, as I have found straight leg and ponte pants that fit my body type. My go-to look right now are skinny pants and a long cardigan. Unfortunately, I did not quite like the fit of the MM.LaFleur pants or jackets that I tried on. For my style, for now I will continue shopping for pants, blazers, and cardigans at other locations.

However, I did fall in love with the MM.LaFleur dresses, and I did really like the less-structured tops and the skirts. My MM.LaFleur pop-up experience allowed me to re-explore my earlier style, and remember why I loved wearing skirts so much!

While the MM.LaFleur suiting is a bit mature for my style, there are still so many pieces that I really liked. If you are interested in investing in MM.LaFleur pieces, I highly recommend visiting a showroom or pop-up if you can. You can try on so many more clothes, and the one-on-one time to talk to your stylist is so valuable.

MM.LaFleur Outfits Review

When is the next MM.LaFleur sale?

Clothes from MM.LaFleur typically range from $110 to $325 a piece. Unfortunately, MM.LaFleur does not often have sales online. However, my stylist did mention that the showrooms will occasionally have sales – if you live near a showroom, you will have to keep an eye out.

Overall, my experience at the MM.LaFleur pop-up was very eye-opening. It allowed me to try on so many styles, that would have taken a while to get through with a Bento Box. If you are curious about MM.LaFleur clothing, you should definitely stop by a showroom or pop-up if one comes to your city. There is no pressure to buy anything while you are in store, because it is so easy to save your favorites to your profile. You have nothing to lose!

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