Advice for business professionals that are traveling for work.

  • expense reimbursements explained

    Expense Reimbursements Explained

    When traveling for work, you will likely have to deal with getting your expenses reimbursed. Companies do not normally just give you a check to go crazy with. You are normally expected to keep track of all of the money…

  • useful apps for work trips

    6 Useful Apps for Work Trips

    When you’re preparing to travel for work, it’s a good idea to have some useful apps handy for business-related convenience. Check out this list of 6 useful apps for your work trips. 1. Uber or Lyft for transportation Depending on…

  • first work trip

    Tips For Your First Work Trip

    If you are traveling to a client on your first work trip, the experience can be a little bit nerve wracking. Hopefully you are traveling with other team members, or at least meeting some other people there. When you are…

  • Choosing a suitcase for work

    Picking the Perfect Suitcase

    You are starting a job where you will be traveling often, perhaps weekly, and you are shopping around for your professional suit case. As some one who has traveled frequently for the past two years, there are many factors I…

  • lo and sons seville bag

    Lo & Sons The Seville Bag Review

    I had been eyeing the Lo & Sons bags for the longest time. I have always loved all of the pockets, and I was obsessed with the laptop strap across the back to make traveling with the bag easier. Wanting…

  • tutilo veritas square tote

    Tutilo Veritas Square Tote Review

    While shopping for a better laptop bag, I came across the Tutilo Veritas Square Tote in gray. I was using the free firm bag, and was looking for something more professional that would carry my everything I needed while traveling.…