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Advice for business professionals when planning work trips, dealing with clients, or navigating careers.

  • How to Choose an Airline Alliance | What to keep in mind when picking which airline you want to be a frequent flyer on. Don't just choose an airline with the best perks - you will want to consider your location and where you will be flying to. |

    How to Choose an Airline Alliance

    If you are going to be traveling frequently, whether for work or for pleasure, it would make sense to choose an airline to align with. By selecting an airline to always fly with, you will be able to maximize the…

  • 5 Tips for Attending Conferences

    5 Tips for Attending Conferences

    There are many different types of conferences you may travel to: recruiting conferences, networking conferences, or even training conferences! You may start attending conferences as early as high school, and it definitely doesn’t end once you start your “real life”…

  • Airport Security | Is TSA Precheck worth it?

    Is TSA Precheck worth it?

    If you travel at least 4 times a year – yes, I believe TSA Precheck is worth it. What is TSA Precheck? TSA Precheck is a status that is added to your boarding ticket for an airplane. This means that…

  • Get the Airline to Reimburse Your Delayed Luggage

    Get Delayed Luggage Reimbursed

    Did you know that you can get your airline to pay for lost luggage? Did you know that you can get the airline to pay for your delayed luggage? As a traveling consultant, my wardrobe is critical to my profession…

  • Maximizing airline hotel points

    My Business Trip Packing List

    As you start to travel almost every week, your packing list gets pretty routine. You might find yourself packing for your work trip in less than fifteen minutes! My packing list for business travel is pretty similar to my packing…

  • maximize points from work trip

    Maximizing Points on your Work Trip

    One of the best benefits of traveling for work is the amount of points that you accumulate. Usually when you are traveling for work, you will have to pay for airlines, hotels, and meals, which you will reimburse later. To…