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Why You Should Rideshare Instead of Leaving Your Car at the Airport

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If you are traveling by plane, you will need to find a way to get to the airport. You typically have three options: drive yourself and park at the airport, take a taxi, or have a friend drop you off. I believe the best method is to use a ride share app to get to the airport.

I actually used to drive myself and park at the airport. Fortunately if you are traveling for work and expensing any costs, you don’t have to worry about parking in a far away lot and shuttling over; you can park right at the terminal. I didn’t start using Uber until after I moved cities. Since I wasn’t sure where the best parking was, I decided to try Uber for the first time, and I haven’t turned back since.

Saves you money

Using a ride share app instead of parking at the airport will typically save you money, especially if you are commuting out of a larger airport. You may pay $20 for an Uber or Lyft, but you are typically paying $20 a day for parking.

Even if you live further away from the airport, the extra cost of a ride is still beneficial. If you park at the airport, your car is at risk of having someone break into it. There is also the possibility of damage, such as someone opening their car door into yours, or someone backing into you. Your car is much safer if you can leave it parked at home.

Saves you time

By driving yourself to the airport, you risk missing your flight. As you travel more frequently, you will start to identify the exact minute that you need to leave your house. If you are driving yourself, you risk not finding parking, or having to park further from the door. With a ride share app, you are dropped off right at the front of the terminal without the extra stress.

I would not recommend depending on a family member or friend to take you to the airport. While it’s nice the first trip or two, if you are traveling frequently for work then you will likely be a burden on their schedule. Especially if you can expense your ride, don’t make someone go out of their way to drop you off or pick you up every time.

A ride share is also convenient after you land. It is fast to have someone pick you up right outside baggage claim, rather than having to find your car in the parking lot. The best part is, you have the opportunity to sleep on your ride home rather than having to focus on the drive.

Schedule a ride

If you are worried about not being able to find an Uber or Lyft in the morning, you also have the opportunity to schedule a ride. You will have to be ready to go within a 15 minutes window, but reserving your car ahead of time can ease the stress of having to find a ride the morning of. Only once in my life there were no cars available, however for this reason I have both apps downloaded with accounts created and ready to go.

I have had success with both apps, and still recommend having both on your phone just in case. I very rarely have co-workers who park at the airport these days. Since being able to call a car is so simple, using a ride share app is the way to go. Don’t stress out about having to find parking right before your flight or driving while tired. Use a ride share app, and relax on your journey.

When traveling for work, your first instinct may be to drive your car and leave it at the airport. However, there are benefits to using rideshare instead. It saves you money, it saves you time, and most apps will even let you schedule a ride to the airport, so you don\'t need to worry about whether a not there will be cars on the road.

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