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How to Stay Connected While Traveling for Work

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When you are on the road a lot for work, it can be difficult to stay connected to your friends and family at home. You essentially need to treat all of your relationships like long distance relationships, and try not to fall off the face of the Earth while you are traveling. Follow these tips to help stay connected while traveling.

Make plans to call your SO once a week

Traveling for work can make it difficult to keep in touch with your partner, because your schedule will not be as flexible. You may have team dinners in the evening, and being on different time zones can add to the challenge. If possible, make plans to call or video call your significant other at least once during the week. Even if only for thirty minutes, try to touch base right before you go to bed.

Be active on social media

As people get busier, the trend is to post less frequently on social media. Even if you don’t use Facebook or Instagram often, it is a great way to keep in touch with your friends at home. You can see what your friends are up to, and it will give you a better idea of what is going on in their lives if you can’t see each other as often. Also try shooting your friends messages every now and then, just to keep in touch. You don’t need to be posting your own stories everyday, but use social media as a messaging tool between your friends.

Commit to work-free weekends

Having a work-free weekend is easier said than done, but make sure you use your weekends at home to your advantage. Typically when I have been traveling a lot, on my weekends I just want to sit on the couch with my cats and watch TV. However, use the spare time that you have to catch up with the people that you have not seen in a while. Try to get a weekly or biweekly movie or board game night going if you want to stay at home.

Bring your SO or friend to you

If you are on a project for multiple weeks flying between the client and your home city, consider staying a weekend and bringing your SO or a friend out to you. It will give your friend a chance to see what you have been up to for a few weeks. I love flying out my husband and pointing out my favorite lunch spots and sites.

Send postcards

Since we don’t typically get mail anymore, people are always excited when they get something other than bills in their mailbox. If you are visiting a big or interesting city, consider sending some of your friends a postcard just to say hi.

Maintaining your relationships while traveling can be a lot of work, but you want to avoid allowing your work get in the way of your friendships. It can be tiring, but that’s what sleeping on the plane is for!

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