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Graduation Gifts for Friends Who Love to Travel

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As we approach the time for high school graduation and college graduation, many of us are on the look-out for gift ideas for our friends. If your graduating friend loves to travel, then consider some of these gift ideas.

Eye Mask // $13.99 // Helping your graduating friend finally get some rest while on the plane or while in hotels. A great eye mask will help your traveling friend get a good night’s rest – or at least get in a good nap.

Set of 6 Packing Cubes // $24.99 //  Packing cubes are an amazing invention that help keep your suitcase organized while you are traveling. If your graduating friend is planning a trip, they can definitely put these packing cubes to work.

Brita Filter Water Bottle // $24.99 // With a Brita filter water bottle, your graduating friend will not have to worry about the water quality in places they visit. With a filtered water bottle, your friend can easily get hydrated in their hotel room.

RFID Blocking Passport Holder // $14.99 // A RFID blocking passport holder is not only a classy gift for your graduating friend, but will protect your friend’s passport from being picked up by RFID scanners.

Round Make-up Bag // $8.89 // This round make-up bag is great for packing toiletries and cosmetics. This travel gift for your graduating friend will stand upright on the counter, making it easy to organize bottles or make-up while traveling.

Dopp Kitt // $14.99 // A traveling gentleman might prefer a Dopp Kitt over a make-up bag for storing their traveling toiletries. A Dopp Kit is a great graduation gift that your friend will be able to use in years to come.

International Travel Power Plug Adapter // $19.99 // If your friend is going abroad after graduation, then they will definitely need an international travel power plug adapter. This adapter will work in over 150+ countries, so your graduating friend can always stay connected.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Polaroid Camera // $49.99 // For the graduating friend that loves taking photos, a instant Polaroid camera is a great gift. Encourage your friend to take pictures of their travels.

Business Card Holder // $7.99 // With a new job, the perfect gift for your graduating friend would be a business card holder. Help your friend keep their business cards organized and straight.

Compression Socks // 7 Pairs for $34.99 // Everyone can always use a new pair of socks. These compression socks are great for traveling long distances on a plane. Purchase the 7 pack with these fun patterns, and give a pair to each of your graduating friends as gifts.

Scratch Off World Map // $19.79 // A scratch off world map is a great gift for a graduating friend who loves seeing the world, and bragging about places where they have been.

Smart Notepad // $$22.65 // When your graduate friend starts their new job, they will probably have to take a lot of notes. A smart notepad can help translate their notes onto their computer, and will also be reusable to help reduce waste.


Michelle Maraj is the founder of Travel After Five, and is an analytics consultant who frequently gets the opportunity to travel for work.

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