Nagoya After Five: Traveling in Central Japan

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2020: The year that Tokyo will be hosting the Summer Olympics for the first time since 1964. Many around the world will come, watch the events, and  travel throughout the island nation.

One of the treasures of Japan that will be visited during the Summer Olympics is Nagoya. This city is located in the central region of Japan. Surrounded by the mountains in the north, the ocean in the south, and the countryside to the east and west, Nagoya has plenty of sights and activities to offer to tourists. Here are five things you can do in Nagoya after 5:00 pm.

Sekai no Yamachan

Izakayas, or Japanese pubs, are a favorite spot to eat and drink after a long day at work or even traveling. There are many family-owned izakayas and even chain ones, usually placed around train stations. However, Sekai no Yamachan is the place to be in Nagoya as they featured various local dishes. One of these dishes in tebasaki which is deep-fried chicken wings that are seasoned with soy sauce, mirin, garlic powder, and other ingredients. The spiciness of these wings can be the perfect side dish for a cold beer!

Nagoya TV Tower

If you want a beautiful view of Nagoya’s landscape, Nagoya TV Tower located in Sakae (the shopping district) is the perfect place to go. Whether you go during the night time or daytime, you can get a 360 view of the fantastic city landscape as well as the surrounding areas. The TV Tower also lights up in different colors and light patterns during the night time, making it a perfect sight to see after five pm. Admission is also only 500 yen, what an excellent price for a beautiful view!

Sunshine Sakae

Speaking of Sakae, if you need a place to see a local musical act, this shopping district is the place to be, especially at Sunshine Sakae. This building is close to Sakae Station and houses the nightly performances of one the most famous Jpop acts in Japan: SKE48 (the sister group of AKB48). Although there is a system to obtain tickets, the performances are a must-see as it features a different musical act each night with a cast that features a mixture of favorite members as well as new ones. If you want to check out a Nagoya musical act, Sunshine Sakae is the place to go!

The Planetarium at Nagoya Science Museum

Nagoya offers a lot of night time visits at public attractions like the zoo and the aquarium during certain times of the year. The best place to visit during the night time is the planetarium at Nagoya Science Museum located near Fushimi Station. They are open throughout the year. However, they have special presentations and themed nights during certain times of the year. What is more awe-inspiring then looking at various stars and constellations at one of the best planetariums in Japan? You have to check the website to see what is the next night series is!

Various Night Time Festivals Around Town

One of the best parts of Nagoya is the various night-time festivals that happen throughout the city. A lot of these events could be held at a market, at a shopping mall, on a famous street, or even at a temple or shrine. Like this week, there is a Lantern Festival, a Nagoya Gourmet Festival, the Honji Festival Eve, the Arimatsu Float Festival, and other festivals happening in the same week! You have to check the link provided for up-to-date information about future festivals and events.

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