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Dubai After Five

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Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the world among tourists. It’s a city with futuristic architecture, luxury shopping and KILLER night live. Since 80% of the population of Dubai are not United Arab Emirates nationals, it’s no wonder there are a lot of businessmen/women who come to this wonderful city. Since Dubai “wakes up” around the sunset time – it works perfectly for those who want to explore and have fun in the city after business hours.

Explore the range of malls and shops

Dubai is known for the biggest malls in the world. Either it is shopping, aquarium visit or even ice skating – head out to the mall to explore luxury stores, local market aka souk, get a henna tattoo and coffee in the Gallery Lafayette. Souk Mall Dubai After Five

Relax at the beach

You will be surprised, but you don’t need your bikini to go to the beach. It is actually the other way around – wear your favourite polo shirt or a dress and head out to Jumeirah Beach Residence or Marina Walk. There you will see hundreds of restaurants, shops, ice cream trucks and shisha bars opened to welcome you. Dubai beach after work

Visit the cultural Bur Dubai

If you are “craving for culture” take a rather fancy metro train to Bur Dubai – the old area of Dubai. There you can take a boat around the canal, visit museums to learn Dubai’s history and to bargain at the local market for popular gold jewelry or local spices.

Enjoy the variety of restaurants

Don’t even get me started on this! Are you a meat lover, extreme foodie or a complete vegetarian? Don’t worry, there are so many restaurants out there to offer you food for ANY taste. You can dine standing up at the shawarma shop for less than 10$ or spend 300$ for a dinner. It’s completely up to you and of course to your wallet. Dubai marina walk

Blow off steam by working out

Fitness is a big deal in Dubai. There are plenty of places for you to do yoga, cross fit training or spinning. If your work day has been too stressful and you are craving to blow off some steam, put your Nikies on and go work out! It’s a perfect way to finish your day.

Check out the landmarks

It wouldn’t be “things to do in Dubai” without mentioning Dubai’s world known landmarks. If you want to impress your friends and family with some breathtaking pictures of the tallest building in the world or the night view of Dubai head out to Burj Khalifa. For those of you looking for your perfect Instagram picture, it’s worth going to the most famous hotel in the world – Burj Al Arab. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into Jennifer Lopez? Remember, it’s the city of dreams: whatever you want or wish for – you can find it in Dubai. Dubai buildings after work

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