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Despite being a medium town, Sibiu has gained its fame to the fact that it was a European Cultural Capital in 2007. That year meant a lot for Sibiu and lots of events, conferences, and workshops have started to take place ever since. During the summer months, Sibiu has a very effervescent cultural scene and the Large Square is the place where one can see most of the concerts.

In the same time, the social and cultural scene in Sibiu continues even during the cold, winter months, when concerts cannot take place in the outdoors anymore. Dedicated mostly to the local people, most of these events happen after 5 o’clock when everybody is out of office and happy to enjoy a good event. Here are some of the most popular events that take place in Sibiu, and you can go to these ones even if you don’t understand Romanian.

Cine m-a văzut la Habitus

This is the Romanian name of a film event that takes place each Wednesday evening (8.00 PM) at Habitus Bookstore. The bookstore is located in the Lesser Square, in the beautifully refurbished basement of the Catholic Church. The films usually have translations in English or are directly in English. Even if you don’t understand Romanian, this is not a problem and you can still enjoy a wonderful evening in the town center. You can check what films are running on their facebook page Cine m-a vazut la Habitus.

Organ Concerts in the Evangelic Church

The Evangelic Church is one of the oldest ones in Sibiu. Saxons built it when they settled in the area and founded the town. The architecture of the church is a unique combination of Gothic, baroque, and renaissance. In this historic monument, you can join the organ concerts that take place every Wednesday evening (6.00 PM). The ticket is 10 RON and this way you also have the chance to visit the church itself (otherwise you have to pay another ticket for that). You can check the program of the concerts at the main entrance of the Evangelic Church, în the Huet Square.

Masa Critică

If you are a sports lover, then this event is definitely for you. Every last Friday evening of each month, bikers from Sibiu meet in the Lesser Square and pedal throughout the town for two or three hours. The idea behind the concept is to promote alternative means of transportation. There are no organizers. You just go with your bike, join the big group, and maybe there you will meet other bikers with whom you will cycle other biking trails around Sibiu. The town is surrounded by lots of small Saxon villages tucked away between the hills, so the rural scenery is very picturesque and the trails challenging as well. You can check the hour of the event on their facebook group Masa Critică Sibiu – the hour slightly varies each season.

Sibiu Expats’ Monthly Meeting

As you may guess, this event was created to bring people of different nationalities together. Meetings usually take place on the third Thursday evening of the month. You can search Sibiu Expats page on Facebook and there you will see the details of the event. The concept is to have dinner in a different restaurant each month, so it’s an itinerant event.

Classic Music Concerts

Classical musicians play at the German Forum each Monday evening (6.00-7.30 PM). The concert takes place in the Hall of Mirrors, which is a very interesting setting for the event. You may have the chance to hear Romanian Folk Dances, piano plays, or even classic sonatas. At the entrance, you are invited to donate something for the event as there’s no price ticket. These events are also hosted by the Sibiu Expats community, so you just have to follow their above-mentioned page and you will be up to date with most of the wonderful events from Sibiu.

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If you are looking for things to do in Sibiu, Romania in the evening, then check out this great list on the European Cultural Capital. See a Romanian film at a bookstore. Enjoy an organ concert at an Evangelic church. For sports, meet in Lesser Square and cycle. Visit Sibiu\'s expat\'s monthly meeting and network. Or consider attending a classical music concert in the German Forum. There\'s plenty to do in Sibiu if you are traveling here for work.

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