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Shenzhen After Five

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Shenzhen is an ultra-modern, fast-paced metropolis in Mainland China that borders Hong Kong. It has a population of more than 12 million people and has one of the largest economies in Asia. Moreover, Shenzhen is home to Ten Cent, maker of China’s most widely used social media app, WeChat and Huawei, one of the world’s largest smartphone makers.

If you’re in Shenzhen, make sure to catch a Shenzhen LED Light Show.

How to Get to Shenzhen

The closest airport is Shenzhen airport. If you’re coming to Shenzhen from Hong Kong, it’s less than an hour away by bus, taxi and or subway.

Getting a driver’s license is not easy for foreigners therefore I wouldn’t recommend trying to rent a car. However, Shenzhen has an excellent public transportation system. The easiest forms of transportation for foreigners to use would be the subway and taxi system. The subway stops are in both English and Chinese. Also, taking a taxi is super easy if you have the address on hand to show the taxi driver.

Where to Eat in Shenzhen

Pingan Finance Building Shenzhen

Green Tea // Authentic and Delicious Suzhou Food. Try the roasted chicken and garlic honey ribs.

Morton’s Grille // Located at Shenzhen’s tallest skyscraper. Enjoy the view at Shenzhen’s tallest skyscraper along with a nice happy hour and tapas.

Element Fresh // Buy 1 get 1 free salads on Mondays.

Haidilao Hot Pot // Chinese Hot Pot.

Bionic Brew // Beer and pizza.

What to Do in Shenzhen

Gankeng Hakka Town Things to do in Shenzhen

LED Light Show // A beautiful free light show located at Lianhuashan Park.

Sea World Water Show // A theatrical fire and water show.

Pingan Finance Tower // Go up to the top of Shenzhen’s tallest building and the world’s fourth tallest.

Gankeng Hakka Town // An ancient town and tourist attraction with over 300 years of history.

Penny Black // Live music at Shenzhen’s coolest jazz cafe.

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Shenzhen is a fast-paced metropolis in Mainland China that borders Hong Kong. It has an excellent public transportation station. Try eating at Green Tea, Morton\'s Grille, Element Fresh, Haidilao Hot Pot or Bionic Brew. If you are in Shenzhen after work, try the LED light show, the Sea World Water Show, Pingan Finance Tower, Gankeng Hakka Town, or Penny Black. #Shenzhen #TravelShenzhen #TravelforWork #VisitChina #ShenzhenChina

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