Geeks Who Drink After Work Event

Geeks Who Drink: A Nationwide Trivia Night

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For every solo traveler, there comes a night when even the trendiest local restaurant can’t make “table for one” sound like a fun night out. Next time you face such a night, try seeking out the nearest Geeks Who Drink event!

What is Geeks Who Drink?

Geeks Who Drink is a company which provides weekly trivia quizzes to bars and restaurants across the United States. Currently serving almost 850 locations in 46 states, Geeks Who Drink can be found the majority of business travel destinations. Each week’s quiz has unique questions, often grouped in comedically themed rounds. Each week’s quiz also features at least one audio/visual round. Two of my all-time favorite rounds ever played include:

  1. 8 questions for which the answer was either Willie Nelson, Matthew Mcconaughey, or a cow; and
  2. Guess the song from the foreign language cover

What Does it Cost?

Geeks Who Drink does not cost a thing! Though, you should probably buy food or drinks.

How Many People Do I Need?

Teams can have up to 6 people, but the beauty of Geeks Who Drink is that you can also show up alone, and either join a team or create one with other single players. In my experience, teams are extremely welcoming of single players- we’re all “Geeks” here!

Geeks Who Drink After Work Event

How Do I Find a Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night?

Finding an event is easy, as Geeks Who Drink maintain all locations and quiz schedules on their website. Just click “quiz schedule”, then your state, then search by day and city. This page also lets you see see pictures and recaps of recent trivia nights.

Perfect for traveling teams, solo travelers, or even changing up your happy hour at home, Geeks Who Drink is a great addition to your post-work pastimes!

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