Uber Rewards Loyalty Program Experience

Experiencing the New Uber Rewards Loyalty Program

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This week, I logged into my email to see that I had an invitation to join Uber Rewards, the new loyalty program offered by Uber. While not out in every city yet, it looks like Uber Rewards was just rolled out to the San Francisco Bay Area. There are four different loyalty levels that can be unlocked, with benefits such as reimbursed fees or price protection given to frequent riders.

You may be able to join by clicking on the Uber Rewards option on your menu in the app – if the option is not available, you can join the wait list on the Uber website.

Uber Rewards Loyalty Levels

The email I received with the Uber Rewards invite stated that the past 6 months of eligible rides and Uber Eats orders count towards my membership. The different levels are as follows:

  • Blue: Unlocked at 0 points
  • Gold: Unlocked at 500 points
  • Platinum: Unlocked at 2,500 points
  • Diamond: Unlocked at 7,500 points

Immediately upon signing up, I was able to unlock Platinum status! I use Uber to get to and from the airport for work, and I also use Uber Eats at least once a week. Within the Uber App, you can see your current status, the number of points you have towards 500 points (a $5 Uber Cash reward), and the number of points you have towards the next status level.

Uber Rewards Loyalty Program App Screenshot of Platinum Status

The Uber Rewards section of the app also describes your status benefits, and the benefits that you will unlock at the next status.

The Benefits

Descriptions of the benefits at each loyalty level are found on the Uber Rewards website, but in summary:

  • Blue: Earn points. Get $5 cash for every 500 points.
  • Gold: Faster support response times. Cancellation fees refunded if a ride is rebooked within 15 minutes.
  • Platinum: Price protection on UberX between two favorite places. Priority pickup at the airport.
  • Diamond: 24/7 phone support. Highly rated drivers. Complimentary upgrades. Free delivery on 3 Uber Eats orders.

The rewards definitely get better as you raise up in the loyalty program. Having cancellation fees refunded is a great benefit at Gold. The price protection on UberX for Platinum is very popular as well, as it protects your wallet during high traffic. The app states that: “Prices on rides will vary but you won’t pay more than the protected price on your chosen route, except during extremely busy times. During those times, you’ll still be guaranteed a discount of 35% off the real-time (non-protected) price”. This is great for adding your commute to work, or your commute to the airport for personal travel. This route can be changed every 30 days by contacting a support agent.

Uber Rewards Earning

To earn points with Uber Rewards, you need to get Uber rides and use Uber Eats. The earning rewards are as follows:

  • 1 point per $1 spent on UberPool and Uber Eats
  • 2 points per $1 spent on UberX and UberXL
  • 3 points per $1 spent on Black and Black SUV

It is a pretty big stretch for me to try and hit Diamond, which looks like a level for customers who exclusively use Uber for transportation. I don’t think that is a status level that I will ever reach, but I am satisfied with the benefits offered by Platinum. Uber was the first ride share app in the city I moved from, so I have been a loyal user for many years out of habit. I am excited to see that they have implemented a loyalty program, and I hope that with my business travel usage I will be able to use some of these benefits for personal use.

Now, if only I could convert my Uber Rewards points to airline miles!

The new Uber Rewards Loyalty Program is being rolled out to new cities. You will get an email from Uber when you can join Uber Rewards, otherwise you can try to join from the app if it is available. There are four levels: Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, each offering benefits such as reimbursed fees, priority pick-up, and price protection. The new Uber Rewards has been highly anticipated, with a variety of benefits.

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